About Me =)


To start of with this is my well second blog account that I opened. Well, the first one I opened was called purpliciousbeauty and what happened was that as days and school got harder, I eventually gave up blogging (cause I ended up forgetting the password and also the secret question) => this decision that I made last year.... was one of the biggest regretting of 2010!

So, this year on Jan. 1. 2011, with a fresh set mind, I have started a new blog and I will do all I can to make sure what happened last time doesn't happen again.

My inspiration for my blog came from Extra Petite. The author of Extra Petite helped me to improve my style from dressing like a kid to a mature young adult. She is a great inspiration and I recommend everyone to check out her blog!

Now... some facts about myself:
  • I am an average 20 year old
  • Attending University of Toronto -St. George 2nd Year (Life Science Student but not interested in becoming a doctor)
  • Planning to do my Masters and PH.D one day
  • Born on 11. 7  in India
  • I am a Canadian... and I am proud of it!! =D
  • I love my family
  • Living with my parents and my siblings (just like everyone else)
  • Oldest in the family
  • My height is 5'2 and weight about 90lbs to 100lbs... (goes up and down)
  • Working and also volunteering (especially at Cancer and HASF)
  • Finds life as a challenge => which makes life more fun and enjoyable
  • People say I am really quite ... but I don't think so!
  • Random: I know eight different languages perfectly (Thanks to my parents 4 encouraging me to learn them, by sending me to private classes)
  • Random: Knows how to drive but prefers to take the bus or the subways (cause it's relaxing & less traffic)
Well, that's all the things that came into my head... as you may know some are really random!!! (hopefully you don't mind my weirdness... actually thats what makes me who I am and I am proud of it)

And today is just a blog about myself and don't worry you will read more about posts from me .... from how my day was to outfits of the day to random thoughts and topics who knows even some tips to do well in University (which helped me to survive during my lectures)

Anyways, love you all!!
Harija R



  1. Well... just want to wish u good luck on ur blog!!

  2. @Purplicious Beauty
    Thank u so much for ur wishes!

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