Changes of Nature & Giveaway Winner

Has anyone noticed the changes?
Has anyone noticed the difference between the last year and this year?
Has anyone noticed the unique and awful changes in the weather these days?
Has anyone noticed the changes on this planet?
Has anyone noticed the amount of  disasters occurred this year so far?
Has anyone noticed the death rates increasing each month?
Has anyone noticed the changes at all?
Has anyone noticed?

Well, I have...
I have noticed many things positive and negative things...
However as usually, the negative things always ends up getting glued in my head...
And the positive things always fades away...

I have noticed the changes between last year and this year!
I have noticed the unique and awful changes in the weather these days!
I have noticed the changes on this planet!
I have noticed the amount of  disasters occurred this year so far!
I have noticed the death rates increasing each month!
I have noticed the changes at all!
I have noticed!

Over the past few months I take photos of unique things and view I notice... you might thing it's nothing or it worthless... but for me it means everything!

Picture below - was taken by me 
(Harija R)
These are photos of the weather changes that occurred around my neighbourhood!
(Left to Right Description)
(Snow Storm, Thundersnow, Double Moon, Hail)
"Weather changes from January 2011 to April 2011"

So yeah... today just felt like writing a post on the "changes" I noticed.
Everything I wrote is from my point of view... what do you think about the changes?



This is a "well" requested post by many of my readers!
Also, this is another inspirational post... 
Hope you guys enjoyed it!
(Please feel free to share your comments and concerns about your thoughts on this topic)

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To all the other contestants... 
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Another month already... plus I can't believe this is my sixth month of blogging (yeah)
Thank you to all of you guys... my lovely readers and amazing followers for making this possible for me!
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Thank you for everything!

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So... what are your plans for the month of June & how did you all spend your weekend?

With Lots of Love and Air Hugs,
Harija R
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  1. I have! This is simply the result of all the wrong things we've been doing to the Earth. In my last post, I was actually wondering about this as well. Last week, it rained so much in Portugal, it almost looked like winter again. And it is spring, almost summer. Today, it's so hot it is almost impossible to stay outside! And a month ago, or so, we had some floods here, due to the awful weather. :/
    Congratulations to the winner :)

  2. Myeah I have too :(
    I hate seeing there are no progress in the changes to the good way!
    We have so many hotdays it's crazyy. Normally we have rains and stuff...


  3. yap.....noticed the pictures u took to show the cange....great ideea....
    sorry for beeing so missing in job and less time:(
    how r u????

  4. Very interesting post you know.. And I noticed too

  5. All the crazy stuff with the weather is so scary! Scarlett x

  6. Love this post!

  7. I yearn for the good old days, but were moving on ward and this is just the effect of having 7 billion people on the planet. Spent my weekend with fellow NYC bloggers having a picnic in Central Park. Hope you enjoyed your weekend!


    Cinderella's Closet NYC

  8. Ahhh yeah, I've been noticing it too O: Some say it's due to global warming (I think that's the case). But it's been really hot here, so hot that they decided to put it in our local newspaper. We've reached a temperature that hasn't been reached since 50 years ago. And also in the winter we've had about 16 inches O: The weather seems to be getting colder in the winter and hotter in the summer. It seems to be getting worse, but I'm hoping as time goes on it can't get any worse.

  9. Beautiful post
    I have noticed, the world is telling us it's time to change

  10. yeah, i have noticed the interesting weather and other events we've had this year...

    also, following you on twitter!

  11. lovely post dear!

    it´s really scary to see what nature is doing..but we have to be nicer to earth! <3

  12. What an interesting post- you're absolutely right that things do change from year to year and what most of us notice and/or what stays with us are the negative things. This post was a great reminder to be thoughtful, but also more positive. And the photo is lovely :)

  13. The weather does seem to be changing from one extreme to another :/

  14. That's true,i think everything will be worst..i also heard about the disappeareance of bees..

  15. I noticed, too!Great post!:)

  16. great blog! yes to following each other! adding you now! xo

  17. Its sad to know not many are stepping up to do something for our planet. You did a wonderful job :)
    Thank you for stopping by my blog and for your lovely comment. I am glad you liked my post. Please do visit me again :)

  18. I totally have noticed, not to mention it can be flaming hot one day in Cali & cold and rainy the next. Lovely post, & you're welcome :D

  19. Thank you for stopping by my blog and for your lovely comment. I am glad you liked my post. Please do visit me again :)


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