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Recently, I was contacted by Grace from Facialwork.com to review two of their amazing products; 

Lindo Twist-Ω-Roll Tweezers is a hair removal tool that uses a similar process as the technique called hair threading. Hair threading is an ancient method of hair removal in Asia in which the unwanted hair is removed from the roots with the use of a thread. Some people apply white powder before they thread the hair on their faces to make it easier. Hair threading may be difficult to learn and should be done by experienced people since there is potential to damage the skin if done improperly. The Lindo Twist-Ω-Roll Tweezers is a simple solution for hair removal. You can learn how to use it in just a few minutes. Now you can do the threading at home easily!
Frequently asked questions about the Twist-Ω-Roll Tweezers

(From the website)

Does the Lindo Twist-Ω-Roll Tweezers remove hair from the root, or does it just cut it from the skin level?
Twist-Ω-Roll Tweezers removes hair from the root, the same way as waxing or threading.

Does it hurt when using the Lindo
Twist-Ω-Roll Tweezers?
For people who regularly wax or pull hair from the root, using the
Twist-Ω-Roll Tweezers is relatively painless. It feels like plucking, except using the Lindo Twist-Ω-Roll Tweezers is quicker because more than one hair at a time is removed.
For people who have never removed hair from the root before, or have thicker hair on the upper-lip area, we recommend that you apply a hot towel on your skin just using the Lindo
Twist-Ω-Roll Tweezers. This will help open the pores making hair removal much gentler. The towel should be hot enough to leave on for at least 2 minutes. (Take care to not burn yourself.) After using the Lindo Twist-n-Roll a few times, your skin will get used to the motion and feeling, and a hot towel application may not be needed.

How does the Lindo Twist-Ω-Roll Tweezers work?  
When you bend the tweezers into an upside-down U shape and place it against your skin, the coil opens,              positioning  the facial hair between the coils. When you twist the handles, the coil gently closes and grabs the hair; through the rolling motion, the coil opens and closes, and the hair is gently pulled from the root.

Does the Lindo
Twist-Ω-Roll Tweezers works on coarse hair
The Lindo
Twist-Ω-Roll Tweezers works on all types of hair, including peach fuzz and coarse hair.
When you use it on long, coarse hair, you'll need some patience and practice; if you can't get the long hair by rolling the tweezers on the hair, you can pull the handles to open the coil so the hair catches between the coils, and then roll it.

How can I use the the Lindo
Twist-Ω-Roll Tweezers on my eyebrows?
The Lindo
Twist-Ω-Roll Tweezers can be used only between the eyebrows and above the eyebrows. Never use it under the eyebrows because it can catch and pull your eyelashes.
To use it between the eyebrows, roll from different directions to find the best angles that work for you.
To use it above the eyebrows, slowly pull to open the coil to catch the hair, then roll upwards.

Can I use the Lindo
Twist-Ω-Roll Tweezers on other body areas?
The Lindo
Twist-Ω-Roll Tweezers was designed for facial hair removal, but it can be used on legs, toes, fingers, and upper arms. (It should never be used under the eyebrows.) The Lindo Twist-n-Roll always works best when you roll it against the hair-growing direction.

How do I clean the Lindo
Twist-Ω-Roll Tweezers?
To clean it, wipe the coil with a dry paper towel to remove the hair easily. Use rubbing alcohol to wipe the coil for sanitizing. Do not rinse it under water.

Does the Lindo
Twist-Ω-Roll Tweezers wear out?
Depending on how often it has been used and how well it has been taken care of, the Lindo
Twist-Ω-Roll Tweezers can last from six months to 2 to 3 years. Generally, we recommend replacing it once a year. To avoid damaging it, do not play with it by spinning it or pulling it apart. Important: Make sure to keep the Lindo Twist-Ω-Roll Tweezers away from children.

Why choose Lindo
Twist-Ω-Roll Tweezers?
Compared with waxing, it is less painful. It will not cause redness and breakouts.

Compared with hair removal creams or bleaching, it is 100% natural, and will not cause burns or skin discoloration.
Compared with the traditional threading technique, it is easier, safer, and more hygienic.

Compared with plucking, it is more time efficient and quicker, and you don't have to use a mirror!
How often should I use the Lindo
Twist-Ω-Roll Tweezers?

Twist-Ω-Roll Tweezers is safe to use every day, but it depends on how quickly your hair grows. Some people prefer to use it weekly or monthly.

These hair ties do not leave pony lines on your hair! They will not give headaches either. They holds on pretty tight and comes off smoothly. Great for sports and workouts!

My Product Review

My Review on “Lindo Twist-Ω-Roll Tweezers
I have officially fallen in love with the tweezers, it really works. Plus, I mainly used it for my eyebrows rather than my face, since I barely have any baby hair (which I am thankful for). I also, purchased another Twist-Ω-Roll Tweezers for my close friend from the nearest drug store (she loves it too).

My Review on “Lindo SwirlyDo Hair Ties
The SwirlyDo hair ties from Lindo’s are cute and it doesn’t pull out any of my hair. I received the neutral hair tie packs from Facialwork.com. I really like it and it’s cute (as mention in the precious sentences). I wear them mostly to the gym =) Also, I love putting my hair up in high ponytails and this really keeps it stable and it’s come off like my regular elastic hair ties. 

Well, I hope all of you have a fantastic day!
Plus, a huge thank you to Facialwork.com and Grace.

 Disclaimer: I received a Facialwork.com for review purposes. The opinions expressed in my review are honest and my own, based on my personal experiences with the products.
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