Your Life & Mine

This photo above...tells a story that many of us forget.
Whether we do on purpose or it's just in our memory we still tend to forget about it.

But why?
Every one forgets it... just like me! 
I even tried hard by putting it up on my ceiling so I can stare at it when I wake up ...
what may you ask? 
Well ... it that every one forgets that this is
It's just life... my life... your life... our lives!
but still
no one seems to remembers it
don't know why
I ask myself this question everyday - still no answer
Everyone makes mistakes - which makes us humans
I know that no one is perfect but I could be wrong
if you know anyone who is perfect or even if you are
tell me... how to help yourself from living a regular life.
Because I struck each day ...everyday!

Have you ever felt as the world is ending when you make an error, a booboo, a mistake!
Well, have you?

If you have ... 
first of all - its normal so don't worry!
second of all - just remember that the world doesn't come to an end cause of your mistake!
Just remember and live by that specific rule
trust me you can go so much further in life.

Just remember we are the owner of our lives
god might be the on who created us
but it 
us who will find our identity of who we are!

so just remember even if life is going against you
just remember that you are the author of your life
your story!
That's something one can ever change!

This is another inspirational post... 
this is for all my friends
(out there) 
who are struggling with find "what life is"
learning that everyone makes mistakes!
Making mistakes makes us a better person - that's what my parents told me (since childhood)

Well, have a lovely day!
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  1. I'm always really hard on myself, if I make a mistake it's hard for me to forget about it! So thank you for this post! It made me feel so much better:)

  2. Beautiful post, and amazing meaning :)

  3. This is such a great inspirational post
    I think I needed this reminder!

  4. wonderful post dear! i love the quotes!

  5. Amazing post! :)
    So inspirational!

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  11. The quotes you've shared about life are truly eye-opener. I loved reading them. We should all enjoy our life because we only have one shot at it. :-)

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  14. i love this inspirational post. the purpose of life is to love it! you are a great muse.

  15. Personally, I've never thought too much about the meaning of life, I just live. ANyways, I wanted to stop by and say that I love your blog, would you like to follow eachother? That way we can keep in touch :)


  16. nice post!
    loves it.

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  17. amazing this sentences, i really love them so i will copy in my notebook!!

    have a nice weekend


  18. This is such a positive post! I tend to be critical and self-deprecating, as I think most people do- it's nice to remember sometimes that we are only as good as we are at any given moment, but we have the choice (and the ability) to improve ourselves :)

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  23. you are so so right! everyone just has to relax and let the moment called life happen.

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  30. well said! imperfections make us who we are and life wouldn't be this way if any of us were perfect.


  31. Everyone makes mistakes - it is admitting them and learning from them that makes them worth making - happy to follow each other x

  32. Beautiful words. I can be hard on myself at times and always need to remember that mistakes are normal, they are what makes us stronger and build up our character. Thanks for your inspirational words and thanks so much for your sweet comment on my blog. We can most definitely follow each other. Following you now darling! xx Marisa

  33. Great meaningful post! Sometimes it's difficult to remember that when you make a mistake the world doesn't end (because sometimes it feels like it does), so it's great to hear some wise words!


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  39. love tiz post... v rule our life...

  40. I like reading photo documentaries such as this one. This entry encompasses a little of what life for me is :)


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