My View On Going "Back 2 School" & 4 Giveaway Winners

Well it’s back to school – actually school started last week (for me) and due to all the stack of work I have been (and still am) receiving from my lectures to tutorials I have officially lost my social life (as usual this is what happens to me when I go back to school). This year the course I am taking are pretty tough – well, this is what happens as you get older (life gets hard and so does the work/education). So, pretty much, I am a full time student taking six courses (that’s the maximum - thank god! If not I would have definitely taken more  - then mid way through the courses I would spend my evenings crying about my stupid decisions – off topic again – I think I could win an award for this yeah!)  Now to my courses, so this year I am taking so pretty hard courses from calculus to Christianity writings – yes I do agree they don’t relate to each other all! And well, that off courses is my main problem all my courses don’t relate to one another and that causes me to stress even more than what I usually do – which of course such! But that’s life!! (That’s what my professor told me!) Tonight my plan is to get organized and plan out a proper schedule (study schedule) and also mainly buy my entire textbooks by the end of this week – or I will be lost and start slacking off!  So, need to get caught up and also, I already received tons of assignments which are due in around three to four weeks, but I shouldn’t complain since I am in my third year of university and this is what happens when you get older – things gets tougher and even more harder – as usual! Hopefully, I keep up with the game of life, since there is no more falling behind. 

Talking about falling behind many of lovely readers asked me a few (actually more than a few) questions – which I don’t mind answering (Like to mention that I would definitely choose the questions I would like to answer and if I believe that one or two questions are personal or I have no idea what you are talking about questions then I will opted it – this is like a disclaimer – please do understand) However, so far I received tons of good questions about my pet peeves to my favourite food.  Down below I will include a tab, if you want to ask me any questions just send them to me by clicking the tab and also, if you have any personal or private question you want to ask me I would definitely answer them for you and I will email you back with my reply) Also, don’t be afraid to ask me your questions =) I am always opened your comments and concerns about my blog and my posts – your thoughts and comments make me a better blogger and also helps me to improve my blog’s quality. 

Now back to my school topic – well, I am really excited that I am officially in my third year however, I am nervous because usually when I come to an end of something in my life – I end up screwing it – yes you read it write – I ended up messing things up! I don’t know why but usually this is what happens and this year I am keen on making sure that these negative thoughts and experience don’t happen again but rather be a small warning guide that tells me to do well in school and also tells me to stop following around and concentrate on what I am doing!  I went through tons of life lessons – well, I think I went through of a lot however, as days, weeks, months and even years goes by I realize to myself that it’s not only me who is struggling to survive in this world – well, it everyone around me! From me to you and even to the person next to you (if you are alone while reading this post please think about your next door neighbour).  – This is going be a huge topic in one of my upcoming posts!  This is actually a huge issue many of my readers are going through – accepting the fact that this is life and that no one – that NO ONE! Here is perfect!  - Yesterday, I received an emotional email and it really made me think about the owner of the email, then about me and then about all the people around me! And as I promised the email’s owner – I will do a post on this issue soon!
Isn’t it funny that everything I tell yourself to stay on track you always end up fall of it – as if your mind is trained to always follow your words in the opposite form! I guess that’s a mystery of body, soul and mind! Which are three things that I would one day love to figure out a solution for – hopefully I find one soon – before it’s too a late.  

Plus, isn’t it weird – how as you get older – you find yourself enjoy each minute of the day as if each day feels different from yesterday even though it looks the same... just sitting here and typing these words on my laptop – I feel as if these words are coming out from my mind – as if I am letting out my feelings – weird! 

I am officially booked with tons of assignments and reports – yes many of you make ask aren’t you used to writing a paper since elementary class – well, I am however, now that paper have to be more than twenty pages – I could literally write a novel (I think I should write one) and what even sadder is that my hard work has to be given into turnitin – well you don’t have to but I do – since I find it better – plus, it mostly helps me check if I have forgot any citations to refer too.  Once again as usual – here I am going off topic from where I started at the beginning with “Back to School”, not to rambling about random things  - I am not going to change anything but I will definitely keep it the same since I did type out all these words!  By now, I can confirm you that this is more than 1000 words! 

Now here are some of my giveaway winners - all were informed about their wins (a month ago, however I forgot to post it up)

Nachomama's T-Shirt Giveaway winner (Joanne Machado)

Costume Squad T-Shirt's Giveaway winner (Katarzyna)

Crazy Dogs T-Shirt's Giveaway winner (Jos xx)

Sunglass Warehouse Giveaway winner is eileendover)

I rarely do this (well actually this is my first time!). Here is a small list of upcoming post for this fall (late September/ October & hopefully November):
        Readers Request: DIY Project:  Fringe Top 
        Readers Request: Random/Inspirational Post Goals evolve!
(I recently received an email from one of my lovely readers who asked me to write more of my random posts/inspirational posts – so as you requested I will do my best to make more of these types of posts)
-            Review Posts 
        FAQ Post & many more =) 

      So guys how was your day?
     Well take care & have a lovely week!
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  1. i am the same as you! towards the end of a school term, i'll usually get burnt out & just not really care abt anything! hang in there!! and gl w school. don't stress too much & just try to find a good balance. it's important to enjoy your time in school as well as study. :D

  2. Hope you'll get all of your stuff well organized and I wish you good luck with this year at school :)
    Have a spectacular day,


  3. have a nice "back to School" moment Rija! :-)

  4. Totally understand! I've been there! Good luck with your studies. It's hard, but soooo worth it. I'm in your corner. Keep us posted! :)
    SassyUptownChic xoxo Kim

  5. good luck on those papers!!
    i'm both sad and glad that school days are behind me =P

    looking forward to the fringe top DIY post ♥

  6. i'm in college, and that is so nice! :-) eheh btw, i hope like everything, i'm new here...


  7. Congrats to those winners!! And congrats to u on ur final yr! U can do it, graduate and pamper urself! :) Dun hate study now! U will miss it when u start working trust me hehe, I just graduated a yr ago and hated studying, bt yeah I'm starting to miss it now LOL


  8. Good luck with all that courses! Just take it easy and organised! :)

  9. I miss school! :-) Just always remember to take a deep breath and have some fun mixed into all of the work!

    Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings

  10. Good luck to you with your school! Come back soon to visit my blog, I'll be waiting for you!!

    Cosa mi metto???

  11. Good luck wwith everything, I'm sure that you will have a pretty succesfull year.

    See you :)

  12. Hi Harija!
    I'm back!
    Thank you for your sweet comment! ^_^

    New Post ♥ Dressy Celeb

  13. I've also started my Master's degree classes this past Monday. Good luck with your studies darling!
    And you need to thank me! It's my pleasure to follow you and your blog :)

  14. it's so great that you are going back to school. you are taking a lot of classes so good luck with everything. hope you have a wonderful semester and do great!

  15. Good luck with stating school again and for getting all your work done!
    Ive got one more week left till I go back,Im excited and so nervous! I have so much work to do too,and I havent even started yet :D
    Hope you had a wonderful weekend,and thank you for your lovely comment x

  16. great post! love the idea with the "ask me" button!
    wish you a wonderful week.
    maren anita

  17. Yeah hang in there. Just remember there is always a light at the end of the tunnel.

    Hope your having a wonderful day!

  18. School definitely seems impossible to handle at times, but just keep your chin up and remember that all you can do is your best.

  19. Just wanted to wish u lovely day my dear!:)
    Jelena (

  20. thanks for commenting :). also, check out my alexa chung giveaway!

  21. Your comments are always so sweet and they make my day too. Thank you so much. Makes me happy to visit your blog. What you write is always so inspiring. :)

    As for school, congratulations on your third year of university. :) I know for sure you can handle the projects and assignments. Plus, finishing them is always a great accomplishment and very rewarding too. :)

    I wish you luck this semester. Enjoy your day. :)

  22. Good luck with your busy back to school time and congrats to the winners!


  23. Thank you for the lovely comment! Of course we can follow each other, I'm following you now :)

    Totally experiencing the same situation as you now, but yeah, just hang in there and you'll be fine :)

  24. thanks for commenting on my blog!u have a lovely blog! im following you now!follow me back :)

  25. Hello! I would love to follow each other!
    I follow you now!
    Miss Starshiny

  26. Thank you for your comment :9
    ok,I follow you now!
    Very nice blog :)

  27. lovely blog. I just followed you with a great pleasure! have a nice back to schoole :)

  28. I like your blog! I follow you! if you want look my sketches!
    big hug from Italy! nick

  29. nice blog

    fallow me ;)

    Please, visit on my blog.

  30. absolutely yes. just below. your blog is beautiful.
    follow back. <3

  31. lovely blog..
    :) Thanks for dropping by my blog dear.. :) I'm following you now.. :)

  32. i loveee your blog!! havee a great day!! x

  33. It was so weird going back to school after two years of working for me. But here I am studying French in a univeristy in Finland! :D

  34. Thanks for you're comment back! Sure I could participate, but unfortunately I don't seem to find my way around this blog :P

  35. Thanks for visiting my blog the other day! I will gladly follow you. Welcome to follow my blog )))

  36. Thank you for compliment and I'll be happy to follow you. Follow me back so we can stay in touch! : )

  37. Thank you so much (again) and have a wonderful holidays! : --- )


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