"Enemies" of Your Teeth

Today, I was inspired to write a post on a health related topic and plus what better time than the day before "Halloween".

This post definitely fits for all my readers ranging for all ages. This post is dedicated to "teeth"!

Well, this week after my orthodontic appointment as I was coming home I decided to go through the pamphlet I received at the clinic. As I was going through the booklet, it struck to me! It's pretty sad, but have you ever noticed that your favourite foods are destroying your beautiful teeth. Since I am wearing brace I am recommended to avoid my favourite sugary snacks. However, it's almost Halloween in a few days and trust me, even though I am banned from my treats I still am eager to break the rules. Plus, I have a feel that at the end of next week few of us will be making some unscheduled visits to the dentist. 

As I mentioned before, it's really sad but guess what your favourite foods are your teeth biggest enemies. This is caused by the bacteria that metabolizing sugar particles into acids. This eventually destroys the tooth structure and creates a hole and cavity in it.

So, here are my list of food that you should avoid:

1) Sugar
Example: Candy, Chocolate, Coffee and etc

Overall it just bad, there is nothing good about it other the sweet taste. Sugar tends to form an acidic surrounding around the teeth and it's takes a while for the sugar taste to dissolve.

The best way to protect your teeth after a sugar treat is by brush them right after twenty minutes.

2) Stick and Dried Food

Example: Caramel, Dried Bananas

These are hard to bit, plus the worst part of them are that they tend to get struck in between teeth and cause cavity if not taken proper care.

The best way to get ride of this problem for the future is by flossing and brushing your teeth right after the meal.

3) Acidic Food
Example: Pickle, Citrus Food and etc.

The food in this categories are really unhealthy for the teeth, plus they are filled with tons of acid.

The best way to protect yourself from these categories of food is by rinsing your mouth right away or even eating a sugar-free gum could help remove
the acid base away from your teeth.

4) Sports Drink

These drinks are filled with tons of sugar to give out more energy, but due to all the sugar this liquid tends to stick on the teeth. Plus, it extremely hard to brush it all out since the liquid base is extremely thick.

The best way for this drink is that if your are thirst just avoid it and drink water.

5) Fruit Juice and Soda

Example: Apple Juice, Orange, Coca Cola and etc.

Once again these are the same as the "Sport Drink" but I believe that they still need there only category.

6) Alcohol

This is basically for the adults and anyone who drinks. Well, alcohol is extremely dangerous for the teeth since it dries out the mouth really fast which gives the bacteria more advantages to go faster than the speed of light.

So, the best way is to don't drink alcohol at all or brush your teeth right after drink but seriously I don't think anyone who ever remember that instead they would end up falling a sleep fast.

Don't be upset, since this is reality!
To be healthy and to protect those white shiny teeth we must reduce the sugar in our lifestyle. Which is extremely upsetting, but look on the bright side - by protecting you teeth you would create a healthy lifestyle since sugar in bad for your diet too!

Just remember it's better to be safe and sorry!

Harija Ravi

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  1. WOW, thank you very much for sharing!
    I'll be honest, I only been to the dentist once in my livem about 14 years ago, and I still had baby teeth...
    The reason I never went back was due to the money... Dentist are so expensive over here :/
    But now I will try to see if I can go to the Doctor before the end of the year.


  2. Nice advices and thanks for sharing :)
    Unfortunately I don't have a perfect smile :( but it looks perfect when I'm really really happy and nothing is better than that.

    See you :)

  3. The post is really good, and made me a litlle bit sad, I like different kind of juices, I never thought it can harm my teeth. But I guess it doesn´t matter, as I am and will always be a huge CHOCOLATE and SWEETS FUN!!!

  4. Thanks for sharing. Your blog is lovely and I really enjoy reading your posts! =)

  5. Me encantó el post, gracias por los consejos!!


  6. this is really really helpful!! thanks so much for sharing this!

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  7. good poxt!! thank you for this...

    helpful and very informative. xoxo! ( :

  8. Great post, I'm so glad you shared these tips! It's important to remember how to keep teeth healthy!


  9. Eeek, makes me feel so guilty for scoffing sweeties today!x

  10. Thanks so much for your very sweet comment! sorry Ive taken so long to reply,its hard finding the time to get on blogger,super busy at Uni! Thanks for your idea of doing nail tuturials,its a great idea,may have to do it,in the near future,post,Im addicted to nail art!
    Fabulous post as always. Great helpful tips,its so hard not to be tempted my sugery foods and soda's! Its so bad for your teeth but it tastes so good :D x
    Happy Halloween x

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  12. i've been scalling my tooth...and feels so good! ;)


  13. This is really helpful...I didn't knew that citrus family ca be harmful for teeths...I thought it to be other way round!!!

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    Thank you so much for your lovely comment on my blog!
    Greatly appreciated.

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  15. Drinking alcohol is very harmful to your teeth, indeed. If you're too drunk, you can fall asleep almost instantly. You seem not to care about brushing your teeth anymore. The harmful results that alcohol can then do to your teeth is definitely twice more effective since they stay longer in your mouth. Make it a habit to always remember brushing your teeth after drinking.


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