The Face Behind "My Lyfe ; My Story"

As a birthday gift to all my readers here is the most requested post ever (since I ever started blogging)

After receiving tons of emails asking me who I am? I finally decided (well gotten the courage) to show to my readers and followers the face behind "My Lyfe ; My Story"

To be frank I started blogging to reduce my stress however eventually this blog has reached up to high levels of success (which I still can't get over - still feel star struck about it) I received tons of views, comments followers, readerships, sponsors and etc. However, the main part of my success goes out to all my readers and followers, for helping my reach high I never dream of - thank you!

Well this is me - "Harija Ravi" the founder and owner of "My Lyfe ; My Story"

Many of you already know more about me from my "About Me" page.

However, since I received a few random questions I have decided to do a Q&A post to get to know me more.

As requested, I answer your random questions in this post.
I actually really enjoyed making this post and had alot of fun so thank you so much for these interesting questions 
I had tons of fun doing this guys 
Thank you for your questions and hopefully I can do another one in the future. 
Also, after reading this post you would definitely find out more about me and my childish side!

What food can you absolutely love to eat?
Chocolate!! Yes, I considered chocolate as a healthy food, therefore my most favourite food in the world is chocolate. PS. However, I am not a fan of white chocolate.

Who is your favourite cartoon?
My favourite cartoon is "For Better or For Worse" the comic series and "Arthur" (I mentioned this on my past post)

How would you describe yourself in 3 words?
Three words that describe me: Joyful, Funny and Tensioned (I get tensed really fast)

Baseball or Basketball?
Baseball all the way and I support the "Toronto Blue Jays"

Do you swear, if so how often and when was last time?
I don't swear at all, however I use other term like "Shoot" & "What'aFish" - (I know I use some funny terms)

What's it like driving manual/stick shaft?
I am used to the stick shaft so my vote goes to that.

Do you like Durian?
Nope, never did and never will. Hate the smell =(

Name one thing that you want to do before you die
I want to be nominatee for the "Nobel Peace Price"

Well, I still have more questions to answers but this is all for now =)
Hope you enjoyed reading more about me on this post and now all your questions about who I am answered in this post =) Hope I did a good job introducing myself. And if you ever meet me in person please feel free to say hello, I wold love to have a chat and meet all you lovely people =)