Interview with Cara from ToFebruary

It's almost time for the holidays and I know that many of you are already started shopping for your Christmas gifts, unless your like me (a last minute shoppers).

Well, during the end of summer break I was recently giving the opportunity by ToFebruary to do a product review for the company. Finally, after a few months of trail, I would love to confirm that I have officially fallen in love with the website. There are some amazing selection from clothes to unique jewelleries! Ever since I feel in love with the website, I decided to do a interview with Cara, the founder of ToFebruary.

Quick description about ToFebruary from the website:

"Welcome to, an online store specializing in bringing you Asia's uniquely cute and colorful fashion, jewelries, and accessories. All items sold here come from Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, or China and many selling products are featured in Asian Inspired Fashion magazines such as Japan's hit fashion magazine, ViVi. Here at ToFebruary, we value each and every one of our customers and strive to make every transaction a fast, successful, and most of all, happy one!"

Here is my interview with Cara from ToFebruary:
Cara founder of ToFebruary

When and how did “ToFebruary” get started? started around 2009. It actually began as a small thread shop in a selling and trading forum. 

Is there a story behind your name “ToFebruary”?
It's actually sort of strange to say, but it's a strange inside joke between my cousin and I. When we were first designing the website layout, we couldn't start the actual design until we had the logo down... we ended up randomly pairing names together from a number of inside jokes we had, and "ToFebruary" randomly came out. To make things simple, I usually tell those who ask that February carries the sweet holiday, Valentine's Day. Our products mirror Valentine's Day -- they're all super adorable, cute, and sweet!

What makes "ToFebruary" unique?
I'd say our interaction with our customers and fans is unique. We really gear everything towards our customer's wants and needs. We can't thank them enough, so we also host a lot of giveaways and contests. Furthermore, I think one of the most unique features carries is our attempt to carry out requested/recommended items from our customers.

What are some of your inspirations for your jewellery/clothings?
Asian fashion magazines, such as VIVI, inspire our clothing and jewelries.

What is your favourite collection from your website?
I love our jewelry collection. My favorite piece is the Long Bow Necklace (X227). It's absolutely elegant and great in quality. It's super girly and feminine. I also love our earrings collection -- there are just so many ridiculously cute styles there!  

What are your price rangers?
Our prices range from $5.00 (lowest) to $59.00 (most expensive). Most items fall in between the $8.00-$25.00 range. We try to keep things as affordable as possible for our customers.
What's in the future for "ToFebruary"?
Keep doing what we're doing, :).

For clothings and jewellery collections, what trends do you see for the fall/winter 2011?
I'd say a lot of cute animal-themed clothing.

If you could pick three words to describe "ToFebruary", what would it be?
I'd say is adorable, affordable, and accommodating. We sell adorable products at affordable prices... most of all, we accommodate our customers to make sure they're satisfied.

What are some of your best-selling items you recommend every woman having in their jewellery collection? clothing collections?
The animal themed hoodies (ex. Bear Hood Jacket) are definitely popular items, as well as clothing with adorable animal prints on them (ex. Hello Panda Hoodie in Cherry). There are several drama collectibles, such as the Kissing Star Necklace from Boys Over Flowers, and the 49 Days Teardrop Necklace, that are hit sellers. I think every girl should have something super adorable in their closets! Jewelry wise, I strongly recommend the Long Bow Necklace (X227). As I mentioned before, it's ridiculously adorable, elegant, and classy. The necklace can spice up a casual outfit, or bring out the classiness in an sophisticated outfit.
Kissing Star Necklace
49 Days Teardrop Necklace
Here are all the pieces that Cara listed in the interview!

Anything else you'd like to add?
Thank you for the interview, and for the readers for reading! :) 

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