Normal Again!

Officially things are back to normal! 
Today I finished my last midterm for the next two weeks before finals =)
I am literally want to jump up and down but instead I ended up lying on my bed writing another blog post - well this is better than doing nothing at all. As I mentioned in the beginning, today I had my final midterm for the next two weeks, so I am so calm and relaxed now. However, I do have to start catching up with my notes, readings and start working on my research papers. But, tonight everything can wait! Since it's my night off to just sleep peacefully - and mind-free aka empty headed.

Also, I want a say "Thank you" to all my old and brand new followers for all you support!!! Recently, I have been receiving tons of requests, questions and etc - this has literally helped me a million by give new more topics to cover. so, thank you, thank you, thank you .... thank you so much!!

Recently from my past few posts, I realized that many of my readers love my random topic posts from "health- journals" - so thanks 4 da support

This post is a quick thank you and it also includes the two giveaway winners!

Giveaway Winners!!
                 Winner of Affordable Scarves                     Winner of Jenuine Articles
                 Kat from KatlovesFashion                              Robin Blankenship
& dont worry more giveaways coming on the way =)

    This week is a special weekend for me =) 
Since it includes my special day... i'm extremely excited!  
(more explanation about this on tmmr's post - yes tmmr there will be another post)

Well take care & have a lovely week!