DIY: Tassel Earrings

This post is going be DIY project/Revamp.
It's actually an answer to one of my reader's question.
Saiika asked: "Hey Harija,i love your blog! This Christmas my best friend is moving to LA and I want to make something for her rather than buying her a gift. So, I was wondering if you could come up with an easy DIY project to help me get some idea. I would like to give her something than she can wear and think of me..."
So, thank you Saiika for this lovely question and here is my post dedicated to your question!  
(Hope you and my readers like it)  

Trend comes and goes every year, every season and even every day, however our budgets aren’t capable of handling all those pressures. So let’s use of our hands and try to be creativity. This in the end helps us save up our money for other important things in life.

This fall and winter tassel earrings are going to be huge! You can already see many fashion designers rocking them on the runways, for instance like Dior, Chanel and many more. 

Plus since this is the season of giving why don't you try make your very own  tassel earrings for your family and friends.

Here is a simple way to save more money and still be trendy.

Here is a quick and easy; one step DIY tutorial on how to make “Tassel Earrings

1) Earring Clams with Small Metal Wire
2) Wool Tassels
3) Pliers

Use the plies to attach the wool tassels to the end of the small metal wires, which is attached on the earring clams. Then after that you have official completed making a Tassel Earrings. As I mention earlier it’s extremely simple, plus saves so much money and time.

Hope this was a simple and sweet process for everyone to make!

Be creativity to be trendy!

With lots of love,
Harija Ravi