End of Year Reflection 2011

Today is officially the last day of the year 2011 and as frequently it went really quickly. This year, 2011 I had my little staircase of going up and down. Turning 21 years old, get my full G licence, getting featured on a magazine and etc. However, this year it differed in many ways. For instances, when I took a look at my memory lane I feel as if more confident and strong from where I started on the year 2011. Furthermore, I am extremely delighted to have this encouraging energy going into another brand new year, 2012. In 2011 has been another year, which went by so quickly. It just feels like it all started by sadly we are already at the end. This year, I have learned many life lessons that I am praying to keep with me for my future. So that, I don’t ever that those route of danger again in my life. This year I literally learned that just being smart at school isn’t good enough to succeed in this world. For what I have learned I can officially confirm that my parents and teachers were telling the truth when they said that the outside world is a deathly and dangerous place. I have never felt so depressed and sad about my actions, but somehow I am glad that the things that happened to me did happen. Since it was like an awake up call telling me to wake up from dreaming of a perfect world. Instead I got to learn to trust myself and believe in the power within. I am hoping that this year’s ups and downs will lead me to a better future in the years to come. As always school did bring out some harsh moments, but now it’s all over and I am on winter break. Also, this year brought me much positive energy with all the social work, volunteering experience has given me. With that quick note of reality around each human being, just like myself this year has giving me a huge positive self accomplishment with the start of my blog. The main focal point of this year revolves around the fact that I officially started my very own blog, My Lyfe ; My Story and stood by it for 365 days. This in fact is a huge record breaker for me since I usually end up giving up or quitting. In view of the fact that, I decided to create a blog just to share my ideas, hope, dreams and my obsessions about fashion, beauty and everything around the world. Plus, on that day I never imagine that I would be here, where I am today. I created my first ever blog post on January, 1 2011 and for that day onwards it has reached many height that even I never imagined. I would have never imagined having my name published on an online magazine or even an online store. Moreover, I even created a twitter account after so many requests and right now with many readers quests I am struggling to decide on whether to start a facebook page or a youtube channel.  All of this success I have succeeded is because of all the support from my family, online blog friends, readers and followers. Thank you so much for all your support and encouragements, it literally means the world to me.

I really wanted to make the recap of the year really simple and sweet.
Trying my best not to that things in a personal format of only mentioning about the negative
things but also talking about the positive things too.

Since it’s the end of the year, I recently did a poll on one of my blog posts, in which I asked all my readers and followers to ‘tell me what their favourite post & topic themes of 2011 was on my blog, My Lyfe ;My Story?’.  Plus with this many you gave me many new suggestions and comments to help me improve for the coming year, so thank you!

Your voted “Top Five (+1) Posts”:

Your voted “Top Five Topic Themes”:
Product Reviews & Giveaways (mostly International onces)
I really wanted to make the reflection of the year 2011 quick and simple =)

Hope you all have a wonderful New Years Eve
I will definitely write a post tmmr for the brand New Year!

With alots of love,
Harija Ravi