My Never-Ending Journey

Pathway to Opportunities
I am back! Well, if you follow me on twitter, I recently mentioned that I will away from blogging for a week during my one week vacation to Montreal, Quebec.

During my eight hours bus, I realized something and suddenly it inspired me to write another journal.This inspirational journal is based on the life and it's journey.


Life, it has its ups and downs, from delightful moments to destructive pain. During my bus ride to Montreal, Quebec my experience with reality all disappeared, rather it all looked like a long journey. A journey that started in the day I was born. For instance, a simple example is that I was born in India, but right this second I am in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. This place change is a major shift that made me who I am today and where I will be tomorrow is still a mystery. Moreover, during this bus ride I noticed that how fast things around me were; just in a blind of an eye I was somewhere new. From leaving the Greyhound terminal at Scarborough Town Centre and ending up at Ottawa’s bus terminal. An unfamiliar place; where I felt like a new beginner.  A beginner without any knowledge! Right that second, it hit me! This is life, no matter how we try to get away from it; it would still find us and reflects back. Also, the bus ride taught me a lesson that sometimes it’s good to take a break and just relax. However, for some reason even during my weekends or even the holidays, I don’t ever find the time to relax. Never found the perfect time to toss away all the problems.  I try really hard to relax but the problems still cinches around me and don’t dare to leave me alone. This bus ride gave me a great source of relaxation. In addition, whenever I drive by myself, it never occurred to me that there are many bumps, turns, short cuts and etc, which are surrounding us. However, during the bus ride it somehow looks similar to all the downfalls; we face in one’s life. In one form or another each one of us would have faced them more than once in our lives. Each turns during my bus ride reminded me of all the turns I took in my life for the past twenty years. Each turn of my life lead in towards an unknown pathway. In each path I learned a valuable lesson and knowledge for my survival. However, only difference between life and the bus ride is that during the bus ride, we don’t need to drive ourselves to the destination. In life we are our own a drivers; with an uncompleted map. On the uncompleted map literally, we have no source of help except for the few advisors who came along the way to guide us for a while. Other than that, we are in a never-ending journey. Since, I have never been to Quebec by myself (even with my sister), both of us has no idea, where to get off. Surprisingly, it was the first time trip for everyone on the bus; therefore my only source of hope was the driver. Thanks to him, I and my sister got odd at the right place safe and sound, and this is a great example of an advisors. Well, even though I got to Quebec safe, doesn’t mean my journey ended, but it’s just another path to my life’s story. However, when I was there I didn’t feel any different.  Also, I was a little anxious of what tomorrow has in store for me. 

This is my life’s never-ending journey, just like every ones! So, what’s your story about? 



Well, have a lovely day!
- Harija R