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Today, I finally decided to take a break from my books and do a small photo-shoot. 
However, sadly I looked like a mess and I really had hard time to take photos of myself. 
Moreover, all the photos look a little messy and dull. 
Therefore, I decided to take a different approach and ended up pair each specific necklace from with a top. 
Overall, I try to create three different types of looks. 
From classy to elegant.   
Hopefully this post is a huge success with all my readers. 

Also, I did a product review post for this website. (Plus, I just recently had an opportunity to do an interview with Cara and also, I did a "quick peek" post too).

This is actually a quick post. 
I believe that something pictures are better than words.

The look with the black cowl neck top is a great example of elegant. I believe that black always has an unique classy look with or without try. Plus, with the addition of the "Long Bow Necklace" the top seems to stand out more. The second look is a little girly and feminine, since it includes to silky printed top which is perfect for the fall and great transition into the winter season. Plus, the addition of the thick brown sweater cuts down the girls look and makes it look more professional. Also, with the "Classical Love Letter Necklace" the outfit gets a vintage vibe. Whereas, the third look looks girly and modern. The bright coral colour makes the outfit pop, however with the touch of the white vest calms down the look and makes it look modern.  And the use of the "Sequence Flower Pendant Necklace" makes the outfit look a little feminine, therefore, this look literally has a touch of everything. Finally the last look is casual, this is a look I would wear everyday to school. It's really simple and sweet, plus the necklace just adds more simplicity to the look rather than more character. This is quick description of all looks shown in the photo above.

I recently mentioned on one of earlier post that I am in love with the website "". 
Therefore, I really wanted to do something else with the jewelery.
PS. This is not a sponsored post. 
So, I really hope all you enjoyed this post =)
Also, I hope all of you have a fantastic week!
- Harija R



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