DIY: Inspire Me (Jar of Quotes)

Since it's a brand "New Year" I really wanted to come up with a unique “HANDMADE” DIY Project to start off 2012. Finally after hours of brainstorming I came up with a jar of inspiration.  To start of the year fresh, I believe that we as human beings need inspiration. Inspiration is all around us and it based on how you look at things.

Here is a quick DIY Project on creating your very own "Inspire Me" jar filled with tons of lovely inspiring quotes. 

The process it pretty simple and really easy to follow as stated below:
An Empty Jar
Pen (something to write with – writing is better since it’s more handmade rather than typing it up)
Bunch of Paper

Steps as followed:
Step One: Take a bunch of paper (as much as you want) and cut them into small rectangular pieces.
Step Two: Then in the small rectangular pieces write some thoughtful messages, inspiring quotes and even jokes on them.
Step Three:  After that, fold each of the small rectangular pieces into small squares (the small the better).
Step Four: Finally scramble them all up and gather them together so that you can put them all into the empty jar.
Step Five: Label the jar “Inspire Me” (this is optional)

As I mentioned earlier, this is a quick and simple tutorial on how to make you very own inspiration jar. Along with that, it comes in very handy during your off days; in addition it makes the perfect (handmade) gift for that special someone.

Hope you all try it all and have fun making your very own "Inspire Me" jar and be feel free to comment below on how yours turned out!

With lots of love,
Harija R