Born Pretty Store Product Review (20 Pieces Lash Kit) & 5% OFF Discount Code

I was recently given the opportunity to review one of their products from Born Pretty Store. Many of you already might have heard about this online store. However for those who haven't, Born Pretty Store is a great online store that sells lots of fantastic nail art, nail care, eye lashes kits, makeup items and the list continues.

For the product review I chose the do a review on False Eyelash White Glue Eyelash Applicator.

For the product review I chose the do a review on False Eyelash White Glue Eyelash Applicator.

I love these lashes! I never really wore lashes in my life however I actually have a very own set of  false eyelashes I brought at Ardene's, but sadly I never really wore them. It's still brand new in it's pink shiny box. The package contained four specific items: 20 Pairs Eyelash: 10 Natural Eyelashes + 10 Thick Black Eyelashes; 1 Piece White Colour Eyelash Glue & 1 Piece Eyelashes Applicator. The first product that I would like to talk about is the 10 Natural Eyelashes, I love the this set. It's really soft and it's really simple designed. It's doesn't look to dramatic and can be wore daily to any occasions. The second product is the 10 Thick Black Eyelashes, the thick dark black lashes are really long and it looks heavy but it's isn't. It has no weight at all, but it's so dark and thick. Thickness is nice, since it has a dramatic effect. However, this specially eyelashes are meant for those specific occasion; where you need you eyes to pop of as the main attraction and believe me it does. Then finally the package came with 1 Piece White Colour Eyelash Glue & 1 Piece Eyelashes Applicator these two items are really useful. At first I didn't find the use of the 1 Piece Eyelashes Applicator but after I used it for a trial it was really helpful.

Overall, I love the kit that I received to review from Born Pretty Store and I have a feeling that I will be shopping on this website more often in the near future.

Now, here is a video on "How To Apply False Lashes?" video from's youtube channel.

Also, the members of Born Pretty Store was so sweet enough to make create a discount code for you (my readers) to save 5% your very own purchase!

Check out the website "Born Pretty Store" and tell me what your favourite item?
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- Harija R

 FTC: Born Pretty Store sponsored the False Eyelash White Glue Eyelash Applicator for my honest review. I was not compensated to make this entry and this is 100% my honest opinion.