Time OFF & Stackable Rings (5 DIY Projects Promo)

Hello to all my lovely readers & followers,

If you follow me on twitter you would already know what this post is about, but for those who don't here is a little preview for the next two to three weeks on My Lyfe ; My Story.

It's already that time of the year where my blood pressure and stress reaches the maximum level, where my head is literally about to pop off. It's almost finals and only two more weeks of classes. Literally, the biggest hectic week of the school year in my point. So, as usually these are the few weeks I disappear, however this year I want to do something different. It is by posting so preplanned posts (all related to the topic of this post). As I mentioned early at the beginning of this post, if you already follow me on twitter you would know that last week I worked on some DIY tutorials, and surprising everything thing turned out well; even better than planned. Plus, it's one of the biggest trend for spring 2012 and also, stackable bracelets are also famous but there are many amazing youtube videos dedicated to them already.

Also, a quick note to remember: yes, I did create a youtube channel since many of my viewers wanted to visually see some tutorials. However, I like to mention that this blog is my main platform and I am not planning on spending time with making videos or anything special yet. I feel as just filming takes up more time (I recently experienced the pressure, in some of my DIY tutorials). But, in the future, I will try my best to put more effort in them and try to make the videos more creative. To do all the special creative stuff, I need time and that something I barely have at the moment. So, I hope you all understand what I am getting to. Furthermore, I was supposed to conduct a giveaway this month, but due to school I have been able to post it up yet. However, i will posted it up next month and for this giveaway I will have more than one winner (from six to ten winners and yes it will be international). Moreover, I also have been giving the offer to team up with an online company to do a outfit of the day post (this will be a new turning point for my blog and I excited to work with this company). So, that was my quick heads up post.

For so the next three weeks, I will post up five DIY projects as part of the Stackable Rings series. I hope you all enjoy it and here is a quick preview on what to expect.

Take Care!

Have a lovely Easter Holiday and Enjoy!
With love,
Harija Ravi