Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow

Reality hurts, however dreams don't 
(and that's  a well known fact that can never be proven wrong)
As, we all face each day, we go through many emotions. 
Some good and some bad
But sadly, the bad tends to stick around for awhile, sometimes even forever
These bad thoughts, memories tends to get rid off all the happiness that one may have. 
Instead of being excited for tomorrow
some are just afraid to face what's today
because of what happened yesterday
So, learn to enjoy each day, as if it's the last! 
 Just remember, that just because you have today doesn't mean you will always have tomorrow! 
So, let all the pain, stress, depression all fly away as you enjoy each day with love and excitement.
Well, hope you all enjoyed this random post! 
Also, during this quick post I want to announce the 2 giveaway winner 
(it was already posted on twitter on March 1st & and prizes were already send out last week).

 Congratulations to for winning the "Sock4Life $25 Gift Certificate Giveaway" 

Congratulations to Anna Nannie for winning the Know Boutique International Giveaway =)
Quick Note: For the month of March I will be hosting another international giveaway but this time with six winners instead of one
Take care and have a lovely weekend
With love,
Harija Ravi