DIY: Cropped Light Weight Sweater ReVamped

This is another DIY post related to Earth Day! 
(Let's save the planet)
  Once again this DIY posts will be done with old materials found at home. 

This is more of a recycle and reuse project since this particular piece of clothing use to be very fashionable a few years ago and since then it some how stayed in my closet. 
Poor thing never say the daylight until recently.
I will not be explaining anything about this DIY since everything seems to be already explained in the collage above.
Once again I have to make this DIY project post really short and simple!
However, I will be back at the end of this week with a much better and longer post. 
(coming soon)

Well, hope you all enjoyed this quick and easy DIY Tutorial  

Finally as always be creativity to be trendy!

Take Care!

With lots of love,
Harija R