DIY: ReVamped Organizer & Journal

By now for my past few posts, you all know that I will be out of the country for exactly one month and as a result of that I have been lost out of ideas for topics to post. Therefore, I decided to stick to my old school plan of carrying a journal in my handbag. Well, the fact is that in my bag there is so a notepad and pen in my bag. Since I don't know what and when life attacks, anything is possible. Plus, since the age of eight I have had a habit of writing a diary with day happening and also at the age of twelve I create a journal of my visit to Vancouver in 2003. My diary was given to me by my teacher Ms. Eagles in grade five and also my first ever journal was given to by my grandfather at the age of thirteen. It's funny how I still have a journal, like for instance on this blog itself I have a section for just my journals. So, this time to get myself back to open up my creativity side I decided to use a note book and make it into a journal. To give it some personal touches I decided to use some of my art & crafts to give this notebook a unique touch. Plus, since I had extra I derided to also decorate my calendar. This calendar is my blog planner, it's helps me to plan ahead of time so that my readers don't feel abandoned when my finals, midterms or even vacation comes around.

PS. I named my journal "DREAM IT, WISH IT, DO IT"

Now here is my DIY Project's collage.
Plus, as usually everything about this tutorial is shown on the collage itself.

This is going to be so helpful in my trip!
The more I write in this journal, the more topics & ideas. 
The more topics & ideas, the more blog posts. 
The more blog posts, the more happier readers.
 The more happier readers, the more confident in me.
The more confidence, the more imagination.
The more imagination, the more topics & ideas.

Remember to be trendy, chic and rock on!

Take care and have a lovely week everyone! 

With love,
Harija Ravi