Light Heart & DIY: Classical White Waist Belt

  "A light heart lives long."
- William Shakespeare

Recently, I was reading a novel and the author of the novel uses this quote to summarize a conclusion of the plot. Well, as I finished reading the novel, the quote ended up being glue to me. I ended up think about what Shakespeare meant by quote that, "A light heart lives long".

After a whole day of thinking I have came up with a solution.
That the quote is trying to teach us a lesson that if you take life too seriously and struggle with being sad, you will be making life miserable for yourself, which effect your health. Whereas, if you learn to enjoy life and be more stress free, you will have a better health, hence the longer life to enjoy more of your life.

So remember, that quote by William Shakespeare as you wake up in the morning!

  Also, I have to make this DIY project post really short and simple!

First this is a DIY Tutorial created by my sister - so all the credits for this project goes to her. 
(she made the whole thing & gave it to me)

For this DIY Tutorial you will need a few material, a large amount of fabric (something that easy to sew into), two metal hooks, needle, thread and white pearl necklace or even a roll of white bead (or make your own by threading it together)
This is a simple DIY Tutorial as I mentioned twice or even more in this post. 
Well, first you need to get a measurement of your waist to create the fabric belt.
Then, at one end of the waist belt add two metal hooks (sew it on and mostly with white thread since you don't want to have coloured thread sticking out of it)
 Then, on the outer side on the two longer side add the white pearl necklace but threading it on with white thread (once again, remember not to use coloured thread).
The End!

Now you can wear it by adding this as a belt to
Hope you all enjoyed this simple DIY Tutorial & also, you like my inspirational post, since it's been awhile.

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Finally as always be creativity to be trendy!

With lots of love,
Harija Ravi