My Silver-Metal Teeth 2

A smile is a best thing anyone and everyone can wear. To start off with, this is my part 2 of the "My Silver-Metal Teeth" series. If you are a new follower, here is a quick recap of my first post: (After several years of battling with my parents about getting brace, on September7th 2011, I finally found the courage and talked myself into getting braces - to read my full experience "My Silver-Metal Teeth"). Now, back to today's post... well officially from June, 7th 2012 it's being exactly ten months since I got them on. So far, the results have been amazing even though the pain has increased. Today, June 13th 2012, I had my seventh appointment with orthodontist. Yes, I know only seventh and guess what sixteen more to go (by then I will be twenty-two and a half). So literally when I complete my BSc. I will also be able to remove my braces, unbelievable but true (hopefully no brace for grad, but I really don't care at all). Until then all I can do is hope that things with my teeth goes great without any problem. Like for instance one of my friend got braces at the age of eighteen and she was supposed to take them off in sixteen months but she didn't take care of them. She didn't follow the rules for example, no gum so her teeth took longer than the given time. Hopefully, I don't make that mistake since I am prone to make mistakes. So, pray for me that I don't mess up as usually. Anyhow, today appointment went well as usually ans as always the pain increased. The pain increased since the orthodontist decided to add more wiring to my teeth, since he believes that my teeth are showing better process than expected. That's great news to me, because the better progress report means the faster I can get these metal wiring out my mouth. Plus, the big metal piece is still in the middle of my upper jaw, doesn't seem as it will be get out of that position anytime soon. Oh well, I got through the last ten months only ten plus six more to go. Plus, almost forget to mention that this evening that they also, changed my upper wiring into mushroom, so far it has been making me feel really uncomfortable. However, the orthodontist told me that it will make the process faster lets see how it turns out. Right now, as I am typing this out my mouth feels so numb and my gums are in so much pain. At this time I can confirm something for sure that I will be going on a full liquid diet for two days. Since the pain is killing me in and out, oh man how much do I wish I can pull it out, but too bad I can't all I can tell myself is to relax and repeat the saying that"Beauty is Pain!".  All I can do now is think of positive things, which is extremely hard when you are in pain. Plus, now I am worried about the fact that I will be going out of the country for a month and I don't know what I will be doing at that time, its going to suck a lot. Right now, I am so much pain and feel as if I am going to cry but I can't do anything else other than that. But it will be all worth it when it's all done having me teeth to be free and I can smile with no pain - can't wait for that moment! Well, that's all for this post, since I can't endure this pain anymore, planning on having something to eat and heading straight to bed.

As last time, wish me luck to endure the pain and agony cause by the pain and sore from these shiny silver metal braces.

Once again to all my lovely readers and followers did any of you have brace or had brace and have any tips for me to create a survival kit!