DIY: Floral Hair Accessories

This is a Vacation Preplanned Post!

Summer is filled with flowers, birds, insects and hot weather!
Here is one of my favourite hair accessories for the summer - floral pieces!
Usually when the weather is hot, I ended up pulling all my hair back into a high ponytail and sometimes even into a messy bun. 
However to add some summer vibe into my hair, I place a floral hair piece.
Here are two quick and easy DIY Project on how to create your very own one.
As mentioned this is a quick and easy tutorial.

I will not be explaining anything about both these DIY, since everything seems to be already explained in the collages above.

Also, if you want to check out my past DIY Project by click on the highlighted letter or even click on the Creative side tab on top of this page.

Enjoy your summer vacation!
With lots of love,
Harija R