DIY: T-Shirt Double-ReVamped by adding Scrunched Sleeves

This is a Vacation Preplanned Post!

First of all, 
Happy Canada Day!!

Here is a quick and simple DIY Project & ReVamp Project in which you can add two trends (colour blocking & fringe)
For this DIY Project & ReVamp Project I used one of my old ReVamp Project that I did last year during the Christmas break as last minute gift ideas. 
This season, I wanted to add another trend to this t-shirt by adding colour blocking. 
To add the colour block trend I decided to cute off the sleeves on the top and then add another pair of sleeves from another top. 
Then I took the first pair of sleeves (the actually once) and added to the bottom of the sleeves. 
Then finally used my tricks of thread and needle created a scrunched effect to the t-shirt on both sleeves. Plus, I also cut the fringe into smaller pieces to make the volume on the top of the t-shirt stand out more, rather than looking to bulky.
This goes perfectly as a beach coverup and it looks cute. 

Also, if you want to check out my past DIY Project & ReVamp Project
Down below is the  DIY Project on how to make a fringe top.

Hope you are all have a lovely summer!
Enjoy yourself and be safe!
With lots of love,
Harija R