I'm Back (Home SWEET Home)

By now, many (all) of you may know the fact that, I want on a one month vacation. So before, i got ready for the trip, I preplanned about 8-10 blog posts to make sure you that you have something to read on my blog when I am away.  To be frank, all the preplanned posts are requested by all of my lovely readers. Since all the requests were DIY posts it made my life a little bit easier so thank you. Also, two weeks before I left my lovable land Canada, I posted a series of travel related topics and created a brand new series call the travel series; even this specific post will be posted under that section. Furthermore, from my old journal posts many of you may remember the reason behind this vacation. Here is the basic recap, of why I went on this vacation. First of all, yes I went on this trip for my cousin’s wedding; and many if you questioned the reason behind this trip. The fact is that this is the first “big” ceremony on my dad’s side, so to give them over token of respect; hope that past sentences answers all your questions. However, I am now officially back in my lovable country, Canada. I missed my city so much during this one month. Even thought I loved taking a break for my daily lifestyle, but nothing ever beats the feeling of being “BACK HOME”. This is a quick post to say. “Guys & Gals, I am back!” After this post is posted, I will be continuing posting a series of photos about my trip. It will consists of food, (by now, you all know I love food), some sightseeing photos or maybe even some photos of me. Since, I ain't feeling well, I will make this post small. So, once again, I am back and tomorrow be sure to come and check out my blog for more posts.

Love you all,
Harija Ravi

(Quick info: The photos above were taken by me - except for the one with me in it - also, please remember, if anyone would like to use my photos... 
please contact me at mylyfemystory@gmail.com
I would really appreciate it!)