Back To School: Study Tips

At this particular moment right now, I am going through so many emotions and stress. In a weird way I feel as if I wasted my summer break with my vacation without taking any summer school and in another way I feel as if I took advantage of my cousins wedding to spend my summer back home. As mentioned early, it's a pretty weird feeling where I ain't sure what to appreciate and what to feel as my lost. All of theses weird feelings are occurring due to my Back 2 School stress. Even thing about it makes me stress out! There are so many things to plan out starting with picking the right courses, pay the tuition fee on time, finding the books, purchasing and selling the books, buying school supplies, and etc (literally the list is nonstop).Even though I have been in school since the age of three the excitment of going Back 2 School hasn't changed. Hopefully it stays the same until I get my Ph.D.

Now on to today's post....
Since may of my readers and viewers are all going to school, I decided to write on post of 
"My Study Tips"
I know each of us are unique with different study habits and so I decided to share my way to you all.
"Like to mention that this is the way I study and each of us have an unique way of our own"
With out anything else to do ... here are my seven tips!

"My 7 Study Tips"
1) Jot ideas down
Usually, when I am doing my reading for my classes I randomly get some ideas, questions about the readings. And somehow jotting them down comes extremely helpful while studying for exams or even writing a paper. Since they open up more brief details on the class.
2) Review your notes as soon as you get home
Each day, as soon as I get home I try my best to review my notes. Since I have most math in my schedule, I don't have a choice. However, this is a good habit that would help you remember your day's lesson. Plus, it would be helpful when you study for your finals.
3) Prepare you study sessions 
Just planning a schedule is a good habit that will help you be focus, plus have a study session will help to organize all your courses.
4) Plan short, but more study sessions
Having short study sessions is better than having long boring sessions. Since long study sessions will eventually make you to loss focus and eventually give you bad results. 
5) Study according to your mood 
Your mood makes a huge effect on the way you study. If you are happy the more successful study sessions, but if your mood is dull or even depressed your study sessions are fully ruined. So, while studying make sure to have a health mood.
6) Set goals that are achievable
Setting goals is a good thing, but we need to make sure that we are able to reach with it. So, setting goals that are achievable is easily be reached.
7) Take time or even days off from studying 
I would definitely take time off from studying to relax myself. Sometime, I end up taking a day off to help my mind and mood get back to normal.

Well, these are "My 7 Study Tips" 
Hopefully, you all agree with my tips, if not it's already!
Since I said in the beginning we are all unique in our own ways!
Be free to let me know and if you have any questions 
please free to {}
Well, have a lovely Sunday Everyone!
And to those who have already started school or will be going back to school this year - Good Luck!
Harija Ravi