DIY: {Colourful} Heartbeat Necklace

This week has been a hectic and to take off my mind I decided to create something. Surprisingly, I ended up making a {Colourful} Heartbeat Necklace.
Since, I like the result a lot, I decided to share this DIY Project with all of you.

For this DIY Project you will need the following tools: 
- chain with clasp
- plier
- scissor
- wire
- paint (not included on the collage)

Here are the steps:
Step 1) Cut a piece of the wire with the scissor, the wire can be cut to any size that you prefer. Then use the plier to shape the wire into heartbeat rates with leaving an inch of straight wire at the begin and the end.
Step Optional 2) If you like you can paint the wire with any colour of your choice. As for me I decided to make it mutlicoloured.
Step 3) Then make loop on ends of the heartbeat wire and attach the chain to it on both sides. After this step you are officially done.

Now you can wear this {Colourful} Heartbeat Necklace anywhere you want!

Hope you all like this DIY Project and let me know what you think about the {Colourful} Heartbeat Necklace.

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Enjoy your summer vacation, which is almost coming to an end soon.
With lots of love,
Harija R