Escape To Sri Lanka : Part 2

This is officially my third entry to my "Travel Journal Series".  
This chapter is about three different cities Colombo, Jaffna and Hikkaduwa all located in Sri Lanka.

The next day right after having the huge lunch at Lavinia Beach, my dad booked us tickets to travel to Jaffna on a bus. There I got to an opportunity to go through some old memories especially my parents. I got an opportunity to see my dad’s old sports stadium, school, library and etc. Plus, my mom told tons of stories, which were all special and unforgettable events.

 Furthermore, I even meet some of my old childhood friends and even attended some religious events. Also, at that time I got to visit my favourite ice cream place of all, Rio Ice Cream. They haven’t changed a bit at all. My family and I ended up having some ice cream and they were so yummy. I will definitely visit it again in the near future, just for the ice cream.

During my one week stay in Jaffna, I ended us becoming allergy to some rare milk product and also to some random fruit, which made my lips swell. Also, I ended up getting rare rashes around my lips (it sucked).

After my one week in Jaffna, my uncle gave us a ride back to Colombo. Since I was really ill with my rare allergies, my uncle and parents decided it will be better to go home on our own vehicle rather than taking the bus. However, get back to Colombo, my dad took me to a skin doctor, where he ended up giving me two different pills and also three different cream; and to my surprise I ended up get cured in two days. After that incident I started to be more caution about the things around me. 

Well, two days later my parents decided to take my siblings, grandmother and me to HIkkaduwa to take swim on the beach. So, for this trip my dad decided to drive there himself and it was such a good idea; since the Sri Lanka highways was so empty that the travel time was only two hours. As soon as we got to our destination, we ended up having lunch at Hikkaduwa Beach Hotel and the best part was that while the food was getting prepared we all got to have a swim. Overall, we ended up spend one whole day there, but got back in time by ten at night.

The next day for lunch, my dad took us all to the Golden Mile beach with an old family friend. This time we needed up having lunch at The Golden Mile restaurant. The food there was amazing and the weather was so cool that it made things even better.

Well, that’s all for now, this specific travel posts consists of ten days of my trip.

Until then, this is the end of chapter two and still more to come!

Take care and enjoy the warm weather.

Harija Ravi

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