Escape To Sri Lanka : Part 1

This is officially my second entry to my "Travel Journal Series".  
This chapter is about Colombo, Sri Lanka.

On July 5th at around eleven in the morning, my family, grandparents, aunt, uncle and I headed to the airport to take our flight to Colombo, Sri Lanka.  Sharp at three we got on our plane to head to our destination. When we landed in Colombo, Sri Lanka we headed to straight home and spend the rest of the day just relaxing. The next morning my dad took us to an ice cream cafe called “Barista” and oh man they had so much to offer. Still I needed up picking chocolate mousse, whereas my siblings chose the black forest. Ice cream in the morning was the best, it fully boost me up for the next few days. 

After that, my parents took us to my cousins place even thought the car ride was quite far, it was worth it. I had fun meeting my cousins again after two year. Last year, I meet in Chennai, India and this year we meet again but in a different country. My cousins live beside the seaside and since it was a little bit cool that day, they took us to their balcony to see the sea. Up on the balcony the sea view was so amazing and I don’t know how, but ended up staying there until the evening.  Plus, I got to see the sunset and thank god I had my camera handy at that particular time. 

The next day, my dad took us to a restaurant beside the beach called Lavina Breeze. There the food was amazing. My sister, grandma and I chose the best dish in the menu; it consists of everything; from chicken, lamb, crab, beef, prawns and etc. It was the best, since we got to have a taste of everything. Plus to it all went well with my fresh lime juice, it was sour but tasted amazing. After that huge meal we just went straight back home for the night.

Well, that’s all for now, this specific travel posts consists of four days of my travel period and about sixteen more days to go. 

Until then, this is the end of chapter two and still more to come!

Take care and enjoy the warm weather.

Harija Ravi

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