{Only} 36 MORE Days To Go & DIY: Boho Daisies Headband

Summer is almost over, even thinking about it makes my head hurt. In exactly thirty six days I will be heading back to university. I will be back to hit my books. Even thought this summer I have an amazing vacation, I really wish I could have completed at least one summer course, to reduce my courses for the coming semester. Oh well, now it's too late, so without any complains I am planning to spend my next few days having fun under the sun.

Also, I don't know if many of you remember, but before heading on my vacation I mentioned that I my work was published on two magazines. Even though i got to see one of them, the other one I had to wait since it was in print. Overall, the wait was worth waiting, since the magazine looks stunning and I am excited to announcing that article looks stunning and here is a quick look I promised!!

Moda de la Mode Magazine: Issue 2


Plus,  my work got published on Lilly Magazine and I wasn't really expecting this article to get published all, but to my surprise it got chosen! For this magazine I helped out by creating a collage for "In The Closet of Lisa" and also I wrote a inspiration posted based on the quote, "Happiness Leads To Success". To check them out click on the photo below.

Lilly Magazine: Issue 1

Furthermore, as promised here is the "Travel - Clothing Haul" and as mentioned it a quick haul. 
Also,  I recently promised on of my readers that I would do a DIY project on how to create a "Boho Floral Headband". So, yesterday I ended up creating one right away and I am extremely proud of the out come. I can't wait to pair it up with a cute summer dress. For this DIY, all I had to do was just sow on the flowers on the headband on my cases, all the daisies.

Hope you like this quick and easy DIY as always!

This literally a quick post, since I am glued into my television watching the Olympics, "Go Canada"

Enjoy your Sunday!

 With Lots of Love,
Harija Ravi