Update On My World & DIY: Dainty Rings

It's being a while since I did a journal post, so without anything further to here is my life's update.
On the collage above, there are ten photos of what I have been up too and what I still have left to do.

Here is the list:
1) Going through some of my old notes, before school starts - getting prepared is better than feeling stressed out when school starts.
2) Pinky Paradise Product Review - Coming Soon.
3) Random Magazines to read to get some inspiration - usually when school starts I ended up putting all my thoughts into math, so getting some ideas for future posts.
4) My recent drawing - who knows I might actually make this dress one day (plus, the colours are inspired by my prom dress).
5) Rearranged all my jewellery - who know maybe one day I will do a "jewellery organizational" post.
6) My "fall time" schedule for the upcoming school semester - sadly, I have only one day off from my schedule, but it's better than nothing.
7) Cleaned up my room and quick view of it.
8) The sun is sunshine bright and my neighbourhood looks awesome.
9) Plus, I found a perfect place to keep my teddy bear - this is part of cleaning up my room and no I will not be conducting a room tour anything soon.
10) Finally, posting a updated post of my world on blogger.

Also, I am working on a new segment based on all my readers and followers questions and I hope this would be a way for me to interact with you all... I am actually interested for this segment - can't wait! 

Also, here is a quick little DIY Project I did over the week!
Well, that's my life's update - now!
 That's all for now and take care!

With love,
Harija Ravi