My Modern Preppy Back To School Outfit

Finally, today was officially my day to go back to school. I have been waiting to go back since summer began - truthfully that's a lie. I really don't want to summer to end so soon, but I still need to hit my books so that I can graduate fast. Then after that I have to make my biggest life decisions, but there is still so much time for those moments. So far, I am happy with my Monday classes and I ain't too sure of tomorrow classes or the next days classes. I am actually excited for them, especially my math classes (I am literally a geek and proud to be one). Well since classes started, like last year I wanted to give you all a heads up and inform you that I will as always try my best to blog often. Plus, this year I actually have a schedule planned out so everything works out. This semester, literally for the next four months I have classes four days during a week, with all that in mind I created a well working plan. I have officially decided that from this day forwards, I will be trying my best to have at least two posts a week and if possible three would be great. Also, you can expect to see a post up on Saturday/Sunday, Wednesday, Friday. Also, like to mention a head of time, if I have midterms, research paper/labs and even exam; I will inform you all a head of time and also included some preplanned post. Hope all this information isn't too much to taken in and also, I already tweeted this, but I want to let you all now that I have planned about three giveaways and tons of product reviews - since these are one of my most requested posts.

Also, last night when I tweeted my last post I received few comments requesting to do a post on "My Back To School Outfit". So, when I got back home, I when straight towards my camera and started snapping photos. So, down below I create a collage on my outfit of the day. I believe this is more of a 
All the items used in this photo are:
- Long Tassel Necklace (similar one here)
- Boat Neck Tank Top
- Grey Pant
- Goold Three Stranded Bracelet (similar one here)
- Green Gem Earrings (similar one here)
- Black Flats from Sri Lanka (similar one here)
So, I really hope all you enjoyed this post =)
Also, I hope all of you have a fantastic week!
- Harija Ravi