My Fall Trends 2012 (Featuring Coco Fashion)

Today is officially the first day of autumn and I am excited to see all the leaves change colour. This is one of my favourite season of all four. I love this season due to all the colour change and also I get an opportunity to jump on a huge pile of leaves, plus I needed to also rake them (that part isn't really my favourite). Also, when the weather get a little chill, that literally means that all the hot liquids drinks from Tim Hortons, especially hot latte and mocha. However, the best part of fall is all fashion. Yes, I love fall fashion since it mainly deals with layering tons and tons of clothes to keep warm. I am huge fan of boots, scarves and chunky sweater... which is all perfect for the fall weather especially in Canada. Since it gets pretty cold down here and trust me too much layers? - there is no such thing when it comes down to our weather.

Now, this post is all about "Fall Trends" and it's all based on my picks.

Furthermore, for this post I will be featuring all the clothing items from an online fashion shop called is an international online fashion shop with a variety of Women's Clothing for Retail, Wholesale and Drop Ship customers. is online shopping site, where primary focus is on Korean Fashion, Japanese Fashion, TaiWan Fashion, HK Fashion and Hong Kong Fashion. What attracted to the sight is the affordable prices. What I liked about the website is it offers trendy fashion clothes at very affordable prices without compromising on the quality. With a plethora of options available, you might end up going crazy while shopping on One thing that attracts me most to shopping is when I get a good deal. So you are looking for affordable, chic, trendy clothes then head over to and start your shopping spree! 

 Here is a collage on ll the items I would wear and pair for the fall season and below the photo I described each outfits look. Plus, described all the trends that is used for each look.

All clothing items from
Look # 1: Strip Tunic, Light Denim Skinny Jeans & Natural Brown Pumps
Look # 2: Plaid Shirt, White Cardigan, Light Bright Blue Cropped Pants, Brown Bag & Black Boots
Look # 3: Colour Block Sheer Top, White Tank, Grey Pants & White Handbag
Look # 4: Pink Sheer Top, White Tank, Light Washed Denim Jeans & White Heels
Look # 5: Brown Overalls, Ruffled White Top, Brown Belt & Black Pumps
Look # 6: Shoulder Padded Tunic, Black Pants & Black Purse
Look # 7: Light Brown Sheer Top, Brown Cardigan, Mini Black Skirt, Brown Bag, Heart Shaped Tights & Black Heels
Look # 8: Grey Tank Dress, Colour Block Cardigan, Lace Inspired Tights & Black Bag
Look # 9: Black Tunic Sweater, White Jeans, Brown Boots & A Navy Blue Sweater
Look #10: Heart Shaped Long Sweater Dress aka Jumper & Black Tights
Look # 11: Grey Chunky Cardigan, White Top, Dark Denim Jean, Black Handbag & White Pumps
Look # 12: Red Tight Sweater, Dark Blue Jeans, Brown Boots & Sunglasses

Well, hope you like the long description of looks I choose, plus all the photos used on the collage are from

 As mentioned these are looks that I love and would wear as my daily basics.
Also, I would love to know what you fall fashion trends are and how you would pair them for daily basics?
Be free to let me know and if you have any questions 
please free to {}
Also, this is NOT a sponsored post!
Well, have a lovely weekend Everyone!

Harija Ravi



  1. i love autumn too i love getting cosy in chunky knits :) love outfit number 2 7 and 8!

  2. I am a big fan of autumn too,I think it gives so much choice for outfits!xxx

  3. I have always believed Fall fashion is the best. I love all of these trends. I wish the weather here would get a little cooler so I could start wearing all of my Fall clothes.


  4. Fall Fashion has always seemed the most interesting and creative.

  5. i heart all of these outfits! Fall is my favourite season! xo

  6. I usually don't like in -between seasons coz the temperatures change too drastically but now that I live in a tropical country I definitely miss all the seasons including fall!!!

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  8. Hi, beautiful,
    it looks gorgeous

  9. I love it when the leafs change colour too,looks so pretty outside,yellows and reds everywhere.I cant believe its Autumn already,its crazy,but to be truthful,its felt like autumn a little while already here in the UK.I love your autumn picks too,want it all.
    Thanks so much for your lovely comment and for stopping my fb page x
    Hope your well and having a wonderful week so far x

  10. Love Autumn and we're really excited about the trend, and leaves changing color, always so beautiful. The looks are so inspiring, we especially like 2 and 5. Great post!


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  12. I would definetely wear number 6 and 7!

  13. what a great fall looks, i really like autumn because of the colours of the trees and nature;)
    thanks for visiting sweetie:)
    big kis

  14. I just can't take my eyes off!Seriously,babe!;)

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  16. Fall is my favourite season. I love the fashion and makeup that goes along with it. x

  17. my favourite is number one and 7 the tights are too cute ;)
    love and kiss,mary

  18. Nice blog. I follow u :)

  19. I hate fall....... but trends for this season are great

  20. i love your blog. And i follow you ;)

  21. i love all of your fall styles, really unique!especially the polka dot tights!

    just followed!

  22. I love your blog and I am so excited for fall :)
    I follow you

  23. Thank you for sharing this website. This are some cute and lovely clothes. I appreciate you visiting my blog. Thanks. love your blog.