Lens Village (EOS New Adult Blue Lenses) Product Review

Last month, I got contacted by a company called Lens Village to conduct a product review on two of their lenses. So, the folks at Lens Village were really awesome and sent me 2 pair of lenses to review. I was really excited to try out these lenses because this time around for the product review I chose a colour from my comfort zone. (EOS New Adult Blue Lenses)

For the product review I chose the do a review on Lens Village (EOS New Adult Blue Lenses) Product Review Contact Lenses.
SKU:New Adult Blue
Weight:0.10 KGS
Availability:Usually ship in 2-4 working days

EOS New Adult lenses are designed with just one thing in mind – to make you the star attraction. The black outer rim circles a thick inner ring. You can choose from six different colors - blue, brown, green, grey, pink and violet. These lenses will keep your eyes refreshed and give you a confident look all through the day.  Do not hesitate to flaunt them as they will fetch you a lot of appreciation.
Price is for a pair (2 lenses)
Diameter : 14.5 mm
Base Curve : 8.60mm
Water Content : 38~42%
Life Span : 1 Year
Power Available : Refer to Option tab

And down below are photos of me wearing them. Also, for these pictures I decided not to put any makeup on to emphasis more on the lenses rather than the eyes.

By now, all you already know that I wear contact lenses is part of my daily routine. However, since it that time of the year, Halloween, I love to play with colours especially when it come to my eyes. I love wearing random colours, from red to even mixed combinations. I just love to have fun during this time of year. Well, this time around I got an opportunity to try out the colour Lens Village (EOS New Adult Blue Lenses). I particular stay away from this colour since I know that many people have told me that this colour wouldn't match my skin tone. So, I usually ended up avoiding this colour. However, this time around when I got contacted by Lens Village to do a product review I took the opportunity right away and choose blue. This particular lens are perfect for events. I would definitely be rocking this colour more often, I know for a fact that I won't be wearing this lenses to school. However it will be perfect for some special occasions. Since holidays are around the corner these lenses will be perfect. The lenses are really comfortable and they doesn't dry out fast like my regular contact lenses. Plus, it comes with a cute animal case, which always attracts me. Furthermore, I would recommend this company and this Lens Village (EOS New Adult Blue Lenses) contact lenses to everyone, since I am happy customer and reviewer.

 Hope you all check out this online store!

Have fun shopping!

Also, I hope all of you have a fantastic Saturday! 
- Harija R

 FTC: Lens Village sponsored the (EOS New Adult Blue Lenses) for my honest review. I was not compensated to make this entry and this is 100% my honest opinion.