TAG: Fall Loves ♥

It's the mid of autumn and I finally got the opportunity to complete the "Fall Loves" tag
Last year, during this season I wrote a guest post for Donna Dell. 
However, this year I decided to do a tag and my last tag was done during August. 

Also, just as always remember that if you like this tag, you can copy them and answer them on your blog with your own personal answers! 
The tag is open to everyone! 
Plus, send me you tag's link and I will post it on my blog for my readers.

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Let’s begin: 

Beauty & Fashion:
1 & 2) Top fall makeup items & Favorite fall scent?
Even though, I rarely use makeup these days, but I still love makeup. Down below are my list of beauty items, I love using during fall season. 

3) Favorite fall hair product?
I don't have a favourite fall hair product, 
however I can't live without the help of Pantene. 
It makes my hair smooth and frizzles free.

 4) Favorite fall Nail Polish?
Recently, I have been loving the colour Vintage Vamp by Mac. 
This is my go-to colour during the fall season.

5) Most worn clothing item & accessory?
My most worn accessories during this season are scarves.
I love layer up my clothes during colder seasons and scarves just helps
me to pull the whole look together. Something it makes a glam outfit look 
causal and even something makes my boring laid back look stand out. 

Random fall Questions:
1) Who's your fall Style icon?
My style icon for fall has to be Nicole Richie, she has the most 
laid back style. I love the fact that all her looks are so comfortable 
and casual.

2) Going to a corn maze, what do you wear?
If I were going to a corn maze, I would be wearing a light weight sweater with black jeans and running shoes.

3) Favorite Fall Food and Beverage 
My favourite food/drinks are Baked pie & Hot Cafe Mocha

4) Favorite Halloween movie?
My favourite Halloween movies are Monsters.Inc and also Casper's series. 

5) Do you still Trick or Treat?
Sadly no, however I usually give out candy to all the children.

6) Favorite Halloween candy?
Coffee Crisp

7) Favorite costume you ever wore as a child
My favourite costume I ever wore was an angel attire and that was actually my first Halloween costume.

8) What are you being for Halloween?
This year for Halloween I don't need a costume, because I just be myself! "A tired old university student"

9) Do you decorate your house?
Yes, I always decorate the house (inside and out) and I will actually be decorating the house this weekend. (PS. hopefully it doesn't rain like last year)

Now I have decided to tag all the fellow readers to do this tag and it would be nice to see what you fall loves are?

Hope you all have a great time with this tag and have a great week!

Harija R