Bon Anniversaire & A Thank You Note

November 7 is a very special day for me! 
Yes, it's my birthday and it went amazing as always. As always I ended up cutting the birthday cake at 12 midnight, since it a family traditions for the last five year. Got tons of birthday wishes and sweet thoughts from family and friends. Received tons of birthday wishes from facebook. Plus, got birthday tweeps from my followers & readers too. 
The day eventually progressed as normal, 
but it all took a huge turn with a lovely surprises from a group of blogger friends and talented artist Dear Girl. Plus, the makes thing even more sweeter I received a package from OhMuse & InPink. Also, I got some surprise visit from two special people (my lovable uncles)   who brought me some delicious food. 
My overall day ended with an amazing surprise 
from my family, it something I have been 
wanted for a very long time. 
Plus, I wasn't really expecting this sort of gift and I definitely was speechless for a few moment. Yes, in my last year birthday post, many of you remember that I mentioned about the huge birthday party. This birthday is extremely memorable as last year and every other year. 
However, this year definitely two things stick out: 
(and thank you to @711Purplicious & the girls @ReAnGaYa for this lovely surprise) - 
also the surprise gift from my lovable family. (I do another post on what my family got me)

Thank you so much for all the lovely wished and sweet thoughts!

 Also, a huge thank you to Dear Girl Wallflower, for the lovely drawing of me. It made my birthday even more special and thank you so much for taking time off you busy schedule to this particular surprise gift. It means a lot to me and I will cherish fir a lifetime. I am extremely grateful to you, and once again thank you!

Check her out at:
Twitter: @Jinsequas_Girl
Facebook: Dear Girl

 Inspired by the "New Beginning" Outfit post:

(Also, thank you so much to the sweet girls, @711Purplicious & @ReAnGaYa (Reema, Anna, Gaby, Priya and many more, I love the sweet note you girls messaged me. Plus, thank you so much for the lovely surprise)
Once again, thank you so much to you all for all the wishes and comments.
Plus, for making my special day even more memorable.
Thank you and take care!
With lots of love,
Harija Ravi