Capturing Moments

First of all, it actually snowed last night and this morning I woke up to my very own "winter wonderland" (if you follow me on twitter you would have seen photos already). Even though, I had to shove the snow with my dad, the beauty of the white layer of snow is definitely worth it. Also, 2012 is almost coming to an end and I feel as time has been going faster than me. I am extremely excited for the upcoming "New Year" but also afraid that it might be similar to this year. 2012 has had it's ups and downs (mostly downs), so I am praying and hopping for a more brighter year. How about you all? Are you excited for the upcoming and what's your plan? Also, many you of tweeted about my yearly recap posts and yes I will be definitely posting them again this year. Plus, I have a little surprise that will be revealed in another post.

However today I wanted to share with you all a few random photos that I have been snapping. I did do a post similar to this in the past and it was definitely successful. So, decided to do one for the end of the year.

(Left to Right)
- Christmas gifts for my family   
(Gave them all an unique and memorable gift of a life time
  more on this an future post and also bought them some items from their wishlists)
- Holiday greeting cards from family and friends   
(plus, some cards for some blogger friends - thank you so much) 
I tweet about these cards (@MyLyfeMyStory)
- My recently "Now Wearing" post outfit (All Wrapped Up)
- Scarves from my mom and grandmother  
(if you haven't already known I am huge fan of layer up and wrapping my neck with scarves in all sorts of season 
maybe one day I will do a scarves collection post)
- My mom got me, my favourite set of chocolates for me -- Ferraro Rocher  
(the perfect gift for anyone from everyone)
- My recently nail update 
(I am planning to create a "Manicure Monday" tweet section for 
every Monday in the upcoming year where I feature my recent nail look) 
- One of my festive decorations  
(thanks mom and my dad helped my find the perfect spot to keep it)
- "Chocolate Delight" at Cafe Mirage with one of my best friend, Susu  
(Thank you for introducing me to this beautiful cafe - I love it and will be going there more often)
- My outfit for a small reunion at Boston Pizza with my high school friends  
(I wasn't able to do an outfit post for this look, sorry! But next time I will definitely carry my camera around)
- A small update on my fist tank  
(A quick thanks to my sister for taking her time to go shopping for me during my exam week - i owe you one)
- Finally, a photo of the first snow fall in Toronto, Ontario
Well, that's my life's update - now!
I hope you're all enjoying you holidays - be safe and take care!
With love,
Harija Ravi