End of Year Reflection 2012

It's that time of year again...the last day of 2012. This year 2012 has definitely brought me tons of joys and sorrows, but rather than looking at the downfalls, I love to stick with all the uplifting moments of this year. I really wanted to make the recap of the year really simple and sweet. In the year 2012, I got an amazing opportunity to get to know some of my readers, it was definitely a sweet experience and hope to do it again in the upcoming New Year. Due to all your support, I ended up creating around thirty eight DIY Projects this year. Also, I ended up sketching more and even reading more books. I also, received an amazing opportunity to team up with some amazing companies (internationally). Plus, I actually published two articles: an online Travel article to ORY Magazine and another printed one to Moda De La Mode Magazine. Also, I have been featured on my website and facebook pages. Thank you so much for all the features. This has definitely been a wonderful year. When I start blogging on 1.1.11 I started as a journal, however by the end of 2011 I turned my blog into a lifestyle, but this year during the beginning of October with all you support I went from a lifestyle blogger to a fashion blogger. These past twenty-four months has definitely been a life changing experience and in the New Year I hope to do the same. Thank you so much for all you support and I really appreciate it!!

I did a post similar to this last year and since it was a huge hit, I decided to do the same this year too. Since it’s the end of the year, I did a poll on one of my blog posts, in which I asked all my readers and followers to ‘tell me what their favourite post & topic themes of 2012 was on my blog,

Your voted “Top Five (+1) Posts”:
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2012 Spring Craze (Honourable Mention)

Your voted “Top Five Topic Themes”:

I really wanted to make the reflection of the year 2012, similar to last year.

Hope you all have a wonderful New Years Eve!!
Take care and also at this time I want to thank all my old readers and new readers for all you support and in the upcoming New Year, I will try to entertain you more with more exciting posts. I have a few tricks up my sleeves for the upcoming New Year, so stay tuned and be prepared!!
With alot of love,
Harija Ravi