7 Days of Fashion (Featuring AsianFashionist)

It's a brand new year and this means (for me and many of you out there) it's back to school time. For the last two years, I have received tons of requests from you all questioning me about my daily outfits to school. Now, with all your support I have finally gotten the courage to start conducting some outfit post, however I wanted to do a full post based on my "weekly" outfit choices. When it comes to fashion, I ain't picky about brand names and stuff. However, I love to dress up with minimum makeup and comfortable/cute clothing pieces. In this post, will be be concentrating more on the top, tunics, sweater and etc rather than the lower half. In this particular post, I will be using images from a website called "AsianFashionist" to explain my daily style wear.

First of all, you all be wondering, who and what is AsianFashionist, well it's s simple intro about them (from their website): "Asian Fashionist is an online global manufacturer, distributor and retailer company of various apparels, which is based mainly in Asia. It proffers over thousand brands of dresses, sweaters, and other Asian clothing apparels to different parts of the world, in which targeting the Asia, UK, US and mainland China. Moreover, we also shipped thousands of items to over hundreds of countries from its central distribution."

Here is a collage of my top picks for the week and below the photo I described each outfits look. Plus, described all the trends that is used for each look.

Once again, this post will be be concentrating more on the upper half rather than the lower half.

Well, hope you like the description of looks I choose, plus all the photos used on 
the collage are from AsianFashionist.

Also, I would love to know what you fashion picks for school?
Be free to let me know and if you have any questions 
please free to {}
Also, this is NOT a sponsored post!
Well, have a lovely week and enjoy!

Harija Ravi