Creamy Avocado Smoothie

Today is the last day of January 2013, this year my "New Years Resolution" is similar to last year. However, this year, I am more concentrated in school and creating myself a health lifestyle. By now, (if you follow me on twitter) you would have already known that I spend around three to four hours per a week in the gym. But sadly, my weight has never changed, since I never created myself a healthy diet. So, this year I have committed myself to create a better healthy lifestyle. For the last thirty days, I have created and reformed myself a new healthy diet. I wouldn't actually call this a diet, but just a simple changing some of my regular food items into healthy choices, for instances rather than eating chips I started to snack on dried seaweed. This post is part of my new healthy diet, however this is actually a treat to control my sweet tooth.

This is a quick and simple smoothie, this is what I usually drink in the morning. It's definitely healthy and the best part is that I won't be hungry for six hours, since the avocado fulls me up.

Avocado is fruit that contains around 140 calories with 14 gram of fat per an average sized avocado. However, even with all assumptions, it’s still one of the best fruits to eat. Since avocado is good for your heart and it lowers cholesterol. Also, avocados make you feel full due to the fibre contained within it and finally, it tastes amazing too. (learned all the information from my high school teacher).
 1 Avocado
1 Tea spoon of sugar
Milk (you can put as much as you prefer)
Knife  (to cut the avocado and if you are below sixteen 
I would recommend you to ask the adult of your house hold to help you)
Blender (any one is good - I use my magic bullet)

1) Cut the avocado, remove the seed inside it and then place it into a clean blender.
2) Add the sugar in.
3) The add the milk in slowly.
4) Finally, seal the cap and blend the smoothies.
Finally, put it into a clean and serve.
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It's an all fresh healthy smoothie and if you like these types of posts be
free to let me know and I will get on it as soon as possible.

Enjoy and take care!
With lots of love,
Harija R