After four days, I am back on blogger to write up another blog post. First of all, I must admit that even before the first week of this year comes to an end, I have officially started slacking off. However, I have a valid reason: stress. Yes, I said stress... recently I have going through a mental stress down and haven't been myself. Therefore, I haven't been available to come up with any unique ideas to post. Well, now my stress has officially decreased, so I m back with my second post for 2013 and this is a special post. This is actually my first ever officially haul post. I actually did one in 2011 and that was just a small and simple haul. Rather than calling this haul, I would like to name this post as "goodies". Goodies: some special and unique items I have purchased or received.

Here are some of my recently items (it's actually a Christmas gift haul rather than what I actually purchased):
 First Photo: Hair Products
Infinitely Finish Hair Spray - White Sands

Second Photo: Makeup/Body Care Products
Evidence Body Lotion - Yves Rocher
 Bobbi Brown Beach Body Lotion - Bobbi Brown
Two Bobbi Brown Lip Gloss - Rose Sugar (3) & Bare Sparkle (15)

Third Photo: Random Items
Two Printed Fabric - Random Boutique (for future DIYs)
Breast Cancer Support Purse Hanger - Purse Hangers
Chinese "Good Luck" Charm Necklace - Gifted (by a teacher

Fourth Photo: Wearable Clothing Pieces
 Pink Bubble Studs -
Purple Floral Mesh T-Shirt - Gifted by mom
Scarf - Gifted by mom

Fifth Photo: Jewelery Pieces
Necklace - Ardenes (Gifted)
Purple & Blue Circular Earrings - Ardenes (Gifted)
Gold Flower Studs - Forever 21 (Gifted by my sister)
Bracelets - Handmade

Sixth Photo: Cuteness& Hair Pieces
Teddy Bear - (Gifted)
Bow Hair Pieces - Handmade
Floral Pieces -  Handmade two of them (except the black pieces)

Well, that's all for now! I hope you have an amazing weekend and I will be back again with another post.

Take Care and Enjoy!

- Harija Ravi