'A Night To Remember' featuring Ms Dressy

('A Night To Remember' - prom is one of my favourite memories in high school)

Prom season is just around the corner and I know that many of you are extremely stressed about high school exams and university acceptances. I know this time of year is extremely difficult on all the students and trust me I know how it feels. Getting through high school seems like an easy process and it is however, when it's time for the end of the semester exams is when all the students panic. Especially of you are in grade twelve, where your average is extremely crucial, so that you can get into a university/college to continue your studies. So, during this harass time of stress, I would like to remind you all about prom. "Prom (short for promenade) is a formal (black tie) dance or gathering of high school students. It is typically held near the end of the senior year (i.e., the last year of high school). It figures greatly in popular culture and is a major event among high school students" (copied & pasted from Wikipedia). From yesterday post, many of you already know that I have collaborated with Ms Dressy for a giveaway. (If you haven't already seen that post, click here and good luck). Also, the lovely representative of Ms Dressy contacted me to do a review on one of their dresses. I received this email during my exams week last year, and trust me this email boosted up my confidence even more and surprisingly I received the package during the first week of January. It was definitely a treat to come home after the fist day of lectures and to see a big package on in the family room.

From Ms Dressy I choose the "Sheath/Column One Shoulder Short/Mini Satin Popular Prom Dress with Beading (JPROM364)" in Fuchsia, Satin. For this post, I wasn't able to model the dress, so I used my sister to model the dress. Many of you would have seen her in my previous posts from last year. 

 This particular dress is extremely cool, it have a satin layer dress form inside and over that there is a mesh material fully covering the whole dress, giving the dress a glam look.
It's a one shoulder dress with a gem detailing on the waist line and the shoulder strap.
 The satin material inside is formed in a sweet heart neckline detailing.
 Full view of the dress.
Overall, the dress looks stunning and I love the final outcome of it. Plus, for those of you who are stressing about what to where to prom you should definitely check out MsDressy.com. 
Also, in-case your interested yesterday I posted a giveaway hosted by Ms Dressy. 
(If you haven't already seen that post, click here and good luck).
 Also, as always thank you so much for all your lovely comments and support! 
I really appreciate it! 
Thank you!

(These photos were taken by my brother and the model is my sister)
Hope you all  have a marvelous Monday!
-Harija Ravi