Lazy Day

This morning the weather has been extremely dull and it literally killed my day. Rather than paying attention in class I was fall asleep. Plus, the weather has been extremely cold and I didn't want to awake up at all this morning. However, I am extremely thankful that my dad was able to give me a ride this morning or I would definitely fallen asleep on the subway (which means I would have missed my stop). The weather is definitely getting to me and it's making me more lazy. (Due to my "laziness" I wasn't able to come up with a creative title for this particular post"

Quick Note: Due to the weather finding some natural light to take photos was extremely stressful, but the photos below has the best outcome in them all.

White Zipper Sweater - Urban Behaviour
Pink Earrings - (similar Here)
Blue Denim Jeans - H&M
Pink/Blue Air Jordan

So, how is your weather and do you also feel lazy like me?

Hope you all have a stunning week.

Take care and stay warm.


Harija Ravi