A Princesss In Me

('A Princess In Me' - prom is one of my favourite memories in high school) 
This post is similar to my post called 'A Night To Remember'

"I know that many of you are extremely stressed about high school exams and university acceptances. I know this time of year is extremely difficult on all the students and trust me I know how it feels. Getting through high school seems like an easy process and it is however, when it's time for the end of the semester exams is when all the students panic. Especially of you are in grade twelve, where your average is extremely crucial, so that you can get into a university/college to continue your studies. So, during this harass time of stress, I would like to remind you all about prom." - 'A Night To Remember'

It's finally prom season!! Well, I am not in highschool anymore, however I still remember all the stress I went through getting prepared for my prom night. When I was in high school, I was extremely stressed out about getting into university that I didn't even care about prom and to be frank I was actually planning on ditching all whole idea of going to prom. However, my mother and sister were against my idea; they fully encouraged me to go and have fun. So with all their encouragement I ended up buying my ticket and this made my friends extremely happy. Furthermore, I was planning on going really simple, however my mother, sister and my aunt took me shopping (I believe that was the first time I spent more than six hours, try on dresses). Overall, in the end my my mother and sister picked out the perfect dress for me and plus, they also decided to get me a dress for my graduation too. In the end, all the stress and pressure of finding the perfect dress was all worth it. Plus, I am still grateful to my mother and sister for encouraging me to go to prom, because it is now one of my favourite memories of high school. Also, thank you to my aunt for coming with me to help me pick out the perfect dress. Plus, the process of  find the dress turned out to be a girl's day out.

Many of you already know that I have collaborated with Ms Dressy in the past for a giveaway and also for a outfit post (A Night To Remember) Once again, the lovely representative of Ms Dressy contacted me to do another review on one of their dresses. This time around,  from Ms Dressy I choose the "Princess V-neck Floor-length Chiffon Prom Dress (JPPIC035)" in Burgundy, Chiffon. For this post, I was able to model the dress, if you remember last time, I was extremely sick therefore my sister model behalf of me.

The dress that I choose from Edressy is extremely elegant and simple. The dress is extremely comfortable and moreover this particular dress has a built in corset.
The dress displace a great amount of hand sewed work of the shoulders. The bead work is mixed with both silver and gold gems, which give it a very classy look. Furthermore, since it mixed with both colours of gems, any sort of jewellery could be paired with the dress.
 The dress is made perfect in my size and it fits me extremely well. However, it's weird that I rarely choose to wear bright red colours, but recently I am more drawn to them. Also, since the dress has an elegant vibe, I kept the jewellery simple too.
Plus, to pull the whole look together I ended up doing my hair in a side updo. Overall, the dress is extremely beautiful and felt like a princess while wearing this reason. Edressy is an amazing online boutique and their service is wonderful. Definitely check it out and let me know what dress impressed you.

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(These photos were taken by myself as usual)
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