Early Summer AhaIShopping.com International Giveaway (ENDED)

THE WINNERS HAVE BEEN SELECTED AND WILL BE PUBLISHED ON MY UPCOMING POST & ALSO ON TWITTER.... if you didn't win this time don't worry I will be hosting more giveaways!!
Thank you so much for all the entries and good luck on the giveaways!
Summer is almost here... well in two more months! However, here in Toronto, it's extremely warm and today I wanted to share with you all another giveaway!
Yes, it's April and I am back again with another giveaway
I have once again team up with AhaiShopping.com to bring you all another giveaway!
Well, the first giveaway was mainly hosted by them, however this time this is a special giveaway for all my lovely readers and followers.
(If you want to find out who won the red coat check out it on AhaiShopping.com facebook page)
You can enter for your chance to win "$30 Gift Voucher from AhaiShopping.com"!
The best part is that in this winner there will be TWO WINNERS! YES TWO!!
So, you have more chances of winning!
 Once again the steps for this giveaway is pretty simple and easy.
So, once again good luck everyone!
Also, thank you to the lovely members of AhaiShopping.com for helping me host this giveaway!
As usual, spread the word to your friends, to tell this to their friends and tell their friends’ friends about this amazing giveaway.


Take care & have a great week!

Harija Ravi