TAG: What's In My Bag? (Edition 2)

During August 2011, I did my first ever "What's In My Purse Tag" and recently I got a request to do a new one. So, I finally decided to do another one.

 List the items (which already labeled on the photo) 
Starts clockwise from the pen and ends at the lens casing.
Purse - Lacoste
-  Keys
- Agenda
- Notebook (DIY Project)
- Glasses & The Case
- Pen
- USB (I need for school)

And after listing my "What's In My Bag?" I need to pass the tag on to others and I have decided to tag all the fellow readers to do this tag!

Hope you all have a wonderful Saturday and don't forget tonight is the "Hand of Our Heroes Fashion Show". Hope to see some of you there.

Harja R