My Silver-Metal Teeth 3

Disclosure: Going to keep this pot short and have a midterm to study for (so don't mind my grammar mistakes)

After thirteen months, I am finally back with another update post for "My Silver-Metal Teeth" series. If you are a new follower, here is a quick recap of my first and second post: (After several years of battling with my parents about getting brace, on September7th 2011, I finally found the courage and talked myself into getting braces - to read my full experience "My Silver-Metal Teeth").
So far, all I can say is that I am pretty much used the pain and now that I have been wearing it for months I feel as if its part of me. I still hate brush my teeth though, since I tend to bleed easily at first I thought it was just for a small portion of time but I was wrong about it. I got my dentist to check them out and she sad that my gums are too sensitive. Plus, she also stated that bleeding is good so I am now used it too. To be frank, at first I wasn't too pleased with the brace idea and really wanted to get rid off them. However, recently if you have seen my last few posts from the recent months it proves that I have actually more confident on the way I look and I even smile more often. I use to hate showing me teeth but now I am proud of it.
This post is just a quick update on my brace experience. Overall, I am now officially use to having them that it is part of me and after thirteen months of wearing them I myself see a difference in me (not only in my appearance but also in my self esteem).

Well, that's all for now and also I will be removing me braces by the end of this year!!
So, for those of you who are planning on getting them, I say it worth it and for those who are have them on at the moment, all I got to say is I feel you pain and we can each be there for moral support for one another!!

PS. I am not going to edit this post
(I wrote what I felt at the moment... so if you see any grammar mistake please forgive me)

Take care and wish me luck on my midterm!!