Day Trip: The Martyrs' Shrine

Dress - Suzy Shier
Wedges - PayLess

16163 Highway 12 West
P.O. Box 7
Highway 12
Midland, Ontario
Canada, L4R 4K6
Few week's ago during the month of July, my family planned to go to the Martyrs' Shrine and at first I wasn't planning on going. However, after a long time of debating with myself I finally agreed to go. To be frank at first, I decided not to go, but with the help of my sister and mother's persuading skills I eventually gave in. So, we rented a vehicle with the help of one of aunt and ended up leaving the house at around ten in the morning. My family including my grandma and a few of my aunts, uncles and my cousin we start off our trip. The ride took over three hours to go there, but the ride there was amazing. My cousin, my sister and I had a long chat about random things in our lives (as always). Plus, my uncles, my dad and us started getting ourselves into random discussions about life. Eventually, we got to our destinations safe and sound about twelve noon. Slowly, we got into the church and had a small tour through the whole landscape. It was literally beautiful and really peaceful. All of us had a huge a large walk through out the whole area and the time flew fast. After a long tour through the Martyrs' Shrine we all left and headed straight to the vehicle.  After that we headed straight Wasaga beach, however since it was raining heavily we left the beach early and headed straight to Casino Rama. Yes, you heard it right with my family decided to go the Casino. My experience at the casino was literally unique and I had an amazing time. Well, since it's exam week I wanted to keep this "travel post" short and simple.

Well, take care and have a lovely week!!

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