My Silver-Metal Teeth Final

After a long break, I am finally back with another update post for "My Silver-Metal Teeth" series. This will be my final post with brace since today is the day I will be removing them off permanently.

If you are a new follower, here is a quick recap of my first, second ad third post: (After several years of battling with my parents about getting brace, on September 7th 2011, I finally found the courage and talked myself into getting braces - to read my full experience "My Silver-Metal Teeth").

Can't believe it's almost over and soon I will be able to smile without the metal wiring! T
ime flew by so fast, well as promised the orthodontist told me that I am final free but as much as I miss have them, I am just glad its all over! Well, today at 10am I will be getting my braces off. Its a long process but I am really excited about it. All the painfully nights and blood-filled mornings.... I can finally say goodbye to them all. Just so excited! 

"This post is my updated post illustrating my happiness of feeling free from the metal wiring"

PS. I am not going to edit this post
(I wrote what I felt at the moment... so if you see any grammar mistake please forgive me)

Take care and wish me luck on my finals!!