Blogger Fashion Week Feature & Shop My Closet on Trend Trunk!

Great news!! I, along with other emerging and established Canadian bloggers will be part of the world's first Blogger Fashion Week, presented by Trend Trunk!

From December 9th to 15th, Trend Trunk members will be able to visit and shop their favourite bloggers' closets online at Each day, 10 new closets will be unlocked and ready to shop, so there will be a grand total of total of 70 blogger closets to sift through! 

My closet is featured today on December 15th, I made the leader board!! WOW!!!
So, if you love my looks and style then make sure to check it out and shop, shop, shop!
Also, all the items sold will go through a charity, I will post more information regarding this soon!

Well, what exactly is Trend Trunk... if you follow me on twitter by now you make have already seen the video I posted up on this website as well as their Dragon's Dean success.

But here is a quick post about them and their methods!!

Trend Trunk, an online shop that tends to do all the work for you as soon as you purchase your item. It’s a Canadian start-up company was recently featured on Dragon’s Den, and while the deal ultimately didn’t go through, they seemed to have caught the attention of many females across Canada who all suffers from the same problem with too many clothes and still having the feeling of nothing to wear. Well, the best part of Trend Trunk is that they manage the payment and shipping for you, and you still get 80 per cent of the sale! All you have to do is post a photo of your item with a short description and set a selling price! Once you have a buyer, Trend Trunk will send you an email with a pre-addressed and pre-paid shipping label for you to print/pack/ship with no hassle. The money will go straight into your Trend Trunk account, and from there you can either shop items from other Trend Trunk users, or transfer the money into your own bank account. There is also the option to donate up to 100 per cent of your net sale to any charity in Canada through Trend Trunk’s Closets & Causes program. This is what caught my eyes and so far I just recently sold my first item in six hours after I placed it on sale. Along with all this great stuff, Trend Trunk also has a mobile app in the works and will soon have certified stylists on board to help you sell your items. 

So, far I am loving the process and guess what since I am got featured today and since the holiday are coming soon I decided to place all my items in my Trend Trunk closet on sale as well as every purchase will come with a special Christmas gift. 

So, definitely check it out and have a lovely Sunday!!

Love you all and take care!!