End of Year Reflection 2013

2013 is over!!! Yes today is New Years Eve and I can't believe that 2013 is actually over!! To be frank this year hasn't been an amazing year as I hope it to be and sadly it was worst than last year. Once again, just like last year I have no one to blame except me. This year has been a rocky ride with so many ups and downs just as last year by this year I fell even harder but I believe that all the pain it caused is going to help me to be more confident for nest year!! Well here is a quick post of my blog reflection of 2013.

I did a post similar to this last two year and since it was a huge hit, I decided to do the same this year too. Since it’s the end of the year, I did a poll on one of my blog posts, in which I asked all my readers and followers to
‘tell me what their favourite post & topic themes of 2013 was on my blog,
 My Lyfe ; My Story?’
Suprisingly this year, all the top six posts that you choose were all outfit post and it definitely shows me that most of my audience are interested in for the upcoming year. So, I will be investing more time in these particular types of post.

Your voted “Top Five (+1) Posts”: 

Your voted “Top Five Topic Themes”:

Hope you all have a wonderful New Years Eve!!
Take care and also at this time I want to thank all my old readers and new readers for all you support and in the upcoming New Year, I will try to entertain you more with more exciting posts and do more DIY Projects!!

With alot of love,
Harija Ravi